The Joys Of A Wonder Wash!

During my research for tiny house living, I searched for alternatives to laundry, especially in a small space. I found compact washer/dryer combos, hand washing in the sink or tub, and going to the local laundromat to be a few of the options.  The one thing that really grabbed my attention was the Wonder Wash — a portable hand-cranking washing machine!

According to Laundry Alternative, the Wonder Wash is 12″ x 12″ x 16″ and sits comfortably on a countertop. It can hold approximately 7 dress shirts or 10 T-shirts or 30 pairs of socks or 2-3 pairs of blue jeans. So for me, it can wash about a week’s worth of clothes. Sounds perfect.

My husband and I figured this would be a good investment and put it on our wedding registry wish list. Someone gifted us the funds for one and we decided to order it earlier this week instead of waiting for the house to be built. We are tired of paying dollars a load, hauling laundry up a few flights of stairs, and waiting a couple weeks until ‘laundry day’ before we can wear certain clothes.

It arrived less than a week after we ordered it! Last Saturday afternoon, we tore the box open, assembled it, and did a small load of whites in the kitchen. The whites only required half the space within the Wonder Wash and took less than two minutes of hand-cranking to wash it. Once it was washed, we put it through a rinse cycle, and then hung the clothes up to dry in the shower.

We love it.

We have a second bathroom that we rarely use so we moved the Wonder Wash in there, hung up a curtain rod in the shower/tub for hanging clothes (credit to my ingenious husband), put the laundry detergent on the counter, and designated it as the new laundry room. My husband did another load.

When we move to tiny house, we can use this indoors or outdoors (especially in the warmer months). Our main concern is that the Wonder Wash won’t be good for washing sheets and heavier articles of clothing; however, those types of things are washed less frequently than regular clothes and will be worth the trip to a neighbor’s for a load. We also pray the handle doesn’t break. I’m not sure how long the plastic crank will last after being used often.

Do you have any experience using the Wonder Wash or some alternate form of laundry in a tiny house/small space/on a budget? I’d love to hear it!

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