the crazy sexy cleanse: what exactly is it?

I realized that I haven’t actually taken the time to explain the cleanse. It is a low-fat vegan diet with an emphasis on gluten-free food items and whole foods. The intention of the diet is to balance your body’s pH and get rid of toxins while also creating a wholly healthier body. The lady behind the diet, Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Life, was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and decided to take her life in her own hands by drastically changing her diet and lifestyle. She has published several books about this change in her life and many other women change their health around. Eight years later, the cancer is in remission and she is a very energetic, healthy, passionate woman. (Note: these aren’t guidelines for a vegan diet, these are guidelines for the crazy sexy diet 21-day cleanse, which happens to be vegan.)

  • decrease the amount of animal products you consume (especially dairy). ideally, you shouldn’t be consuming any animal products at all.
  • dumping refined sugars and processed starch. use low-glycemic fruits and sugar alternatives such as stevia or agave.
  • no alcohol. no caffeine. no coffee. no chai.
  • drinking a lot of green and white teas in lieu of caffeine/coffee/chai.
  • ideally consume only liquids until lunch time (water, teas, smoothies, juices).
  • solid fruits and healthy snacks (nuts, gluten-free bread with hummus) is OK.
  • more than half your plate at lunch and dinner is covered with veggies.
  • an optional (and suggested) juice fast once a week.
  • drinking lots of clean, purified water.
  • chewing meals thoroughly and carefully.
  • limit food intake to at least three hours before bedtime.
  • a daily dry-brushing ritual prior to a shower.
  • using a neti pot to clean sinuses.
  • cleaning our your colon on a regular basis. (sound fun, right?)
  • moving your body (exercising) at least 35 minutes a day.
  • fifteen-twenty minutes of meditation a day.
  • trying to spend at least five minutes outdoors in nature a day.
  • laughing out loud and telling someone you love them daily.
  • eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.
  • using natural skin care products.

The ideal day during the cleanse consists of something like this: upon waking, a warm cup of water with a hint of lemon and pinch of cayenne pepper; meditate for a bit; dry brush, then shower; complete your morning routine; a green juice or smoothie for breakfast; drinking white or green tea during the day; a large vegetable salad for lunch; some handfuls of nuts or almond butter on gluten-free bread as a snack; maybe another green juice or smoothie; lightly cooked veggies for dinner; and no desert, but if you must, a little bit of 70% cacao candy. A green juice fast once a week is suggested. Of course, the cleanse varies daily, and Kris Carr offers many guidelines and tips in her book. If you have a chance to pick it up, please do — even if just to read and see what she says or pick up a few tips on how to improve your health!

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