October blessings. [461-504]

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It’s October! My favorite month of the year! We started off the beginning of the month with some dear friends in town and enjoyed the weekend together, including a Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds game in Ohio (Cubs won!). The rest of the month consisted of me constantly rejoicing in the season, trying to rest as much as possible, and delighting in the announcement that we finally made public: we’re expecting a little pumpkin right around the holiday season!


Yeahhhh!! We are blown away by this unexpected blessing and getting more excited as each week passes. There is still a lot to do before the little one arrives, but I suppose we’ll never be fully ready, right? I have a lot of thoughts I’d like to share about this experience (especially after keeping it kind of quiet for so long), but will try to articulate them in a separate post soon.

And of course, this post isn’t complete without a list of the things I’m thankful for these days. So many beautiful moments, even during the hard ones and long days.

461. dear friends visiting us for the weekend! 462. smiles from a baby. 463. pumpkin patch. 464. corn maze. 465. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. 466. little pumpkins in the house. 467. attending the last Cubs game of the year — and seeing them win! 468. Waffle House breakfast. 469. seeing my sweet dog on his best behavior. 470. cool mornings and warm afternoons. 471. sweet Sunday mornings. 472. herbal tea. 473. the smell of burning leaves on a sunny, cool afternoon. 474. photographs at the orchard with pumpkins. 475. sharing a secret with the ‘world.’ 476. starry skies in the morning. 477. watching our dog run around the yard with joy. 478. completing my personal (but small) reading challenge for the year. 479. re-reading a good book. 480. quiet afternoon walks with my dog. 481. leaves turning from green to yellow to orange. 482. crunchy brown leaves on the ground. 483. kind help from a fireman installing our car seat. 484. learning Thriller dance moves with fun people. 485. the first sip of glorious Chai tea that I’ve had this year. 486. wonder over baby kicks in my belly. 487. seeing all the movement and cuteness on the ultrasound! 488. lemon raspberry cookies. 489. red leaves. 490. words of truth in a much-needed book. 491. hearing beautiful voices sing worship sings at church. 492. friends kindly paying for dinner. 493. time to watch a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for awhile. 494. jack-o-lantern light on our house. 495. hearing an owl in the early morning. 496. bright full moon. 497. trees branches bending in the autumn breeze. 498. leaves fluttering down. 499. saltine crackers. 500. autumn rain bringing cool relief to the hot air. 501. the way the colored leaves scattered on the wet ground contrast with the black roads. 502. raindrops on berries. 503. little turtle hiding in its shell on the road. 504. anticipation of another relaxing weekend ahead.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.❤

Fall breezes…. [436-460]

When September rolled around, I started to enjoy all things fall, even though fall doesn’t technically start until the end of the month. Most of September was hot and dry, but this week? It’s been nice and cool, especially in the mornings and evenings. I’m loving it. September was filled with autumn scents, fresh apples, a visit back to Chicagoland and some time with dear people, beautiful sunrises, sweet surprises, soul-filling small groups, digging more into the Bible, and snuggling with my pets. Here’s my short list of things I was grateful for (and remembered to note) in September:

436. the smell of cinnamon essential oil diffusing in the house. 437. homemade Indian food. 438. a quick performance with my line dance group at the town’s annual car show. 439. having my husband home for an entire day! 440. one of my cats always wanting to snuggle on my arm when I sit down at the table to drink my morning coffee. 441. being able to sleep for more than an hour at night. 442. pumpkin-flavored mini cupcakes. 443. the arrival of September. 444. finding pumpkin spice Cheerios. 445. a flock of turkeys in my front yard. 446. colorful sunset after a storm. 447. little frog on my window. 448. golden hues from a cool sunrise. 449. cider donuts! 450. apple-picking. 451. a clean car. 452.being in one place with some of my dearest friends and family back in Chicagoland. 453. freshly painted walls. 454. coconut macaroons. 455. Chipotle. 456. new books! 457. generosity from coworkers. 458. weather cool enough to wear a sweatshirt without feeling to hot. 459. happy pets. 460. going on fall break!

I’m so, so excited for the last three months of the year….. !❤