Another Step On The Journey…

So you’re here from smash your television, welcome! I do hope you’ll stay.

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Feel free to browse through old posts or look at a recent ones touching briefly on my current journey towards a vegan diet. I’m still working out a few kinks here, so don’t fret if there is broken link. A new post will come tomorrow and then I’ll be offline the rest of the month! I encourage you to do the same.

Don’t forget to remind someone today that you love them.

I cherish you.

6 thoughts on “Another Step On The Journey…

  1. I’m looking forward to the new direction you’re taking Laura. I’ve been experimenting with a vegan diet as well. My husband and kids are not excited about all of the changes. I’ve kept dairy in the house for them, and still cook an occasional roasted chicken.

    After going completely vegan for a month, I’ve decided that it will probably need to be more gradual for my family.

    I was also surprised about the concern and skepticism I received from my sons’ pediatrician when I mentioned we were trying a vegan diet. Yikes! You would have thought I told him we were going to only feed the kids soda and cookies. : /

    1. Your husband and kids aren’t the only ones who aren’t excited. My parents have been against it for years (they just accepted that I’m a vegetarian), my in-laws think I’m weird and struggle to feed me, and my husband is accepting but very wary of it. Oddly enough, my friends are the most supportive! I, too, keep milk and cheese in the house for my husband, but I told him that if he wanted meat, he needs to buy it himself (I tend to do the shopping using my own personal money).

      Do you plan to be the only vegan person in the household or are you trying to switch them over to the diet as well? I find that it’s best to just try to change yourself, lead by example, and introduce them to some yummy meals that can be modified to add meat if they want.

      I’ve heard that doctors are concerned because they think we can’t get all the nutrients we need from a vegan diet; however, if we eat the right foods (whole foods, and a variety), along with some vitamins/supplements, we’ll be fine! I hope you’ll be able to work it out!

  2. Yo Laura! I still check in with you from time to time 🙂 Always enjoy your blog immensely.

    Just to catch you up on us- we rented out our house with grand plans to travel, but my dad’s health took a nosedive so we are staying with them now until something gets figured out there.
    Sadly, a friend and I took our beloved canoe down the wrong river at the wrong time of year and just barely escaped with our lives(not an exxageration) but the canoe did not. It folded in half and continued on down the river to it’s eventual watery grave somewhere. We are currently keeping an eye out for a good deal on craigslist 🙂

    I decided that while we are grounded at my folks, I am going to try and promote walking, biking, volunteering and community building in the small town my folks live in and have been having a very fun adventure with that. I do have a photo blog again, and also a facebook page with a bit more info on the 2 current projects (litter patrol and delivery dude) because they are so easy to update with little time spent in front of the computer 🙂

    Reading over your blog posts now I realize I do miss reading what you post and will check back in more regularly! Best of luck in all your upcoming adventures, I’ll be cheering for you guys!!

    1. So great to hear from you!! I definitely thought you disappeared until Jenny told me that you were still around!

      I am sorry to hear your canoe travels have been cut short at the moment, but it seems like your family really needs you so I guess it worked out for now. I hope your father’s health improves. I am glad you will still work on promoting life within your community. I’m looking forward to doing the same when I move out to my future small town. I LOVE your litter patrol project! You’re a constant inspiration. 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by! I’ll be watching your sites again. 🙂

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