personal happiness

October blessings. [461-504]

It's October! My favorite month of the year! We started off the beginning of the month with some dear friends in town and enjoyed the weekend together, including a Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds game in Ohio (Cubs won!). The rest of the month consisted of me constantly rejoicing in the season, trying to rest… Continue reading October blessings. [461-504]

one thousand gifts, personal happiness

School’s Out! [292-323]

Another two weeks has flown by! I spent a full weekend in Chicago for my dear friend's wedding and now... school's out for the summer! This will be my first summer not working (with the exception of two years ago when I choose not to work because of our out-of-state move mid-summer), so it will… Continue reading School’s Out! [292-323]

one thousand gifts, personal happiness

Love for Rosco. [219-247]

Early last week, this sweet basset hound walked up to our front door and immediately became comfortable with us, fitting right in the house as if he always belonged there. Since he had no collar, we drove him around the surrounding roads for a couple hours trying to search for his owners. Without any luck… Continue reading Love for Rosco. [219-247]