Little Things: Breakfast & Graduation.

I’ve been really sick all week. Then this morning, the haze lifted and I spent a lovely hour snacking on fruit with a cousin and catching up on things. On the drive home, I realized that I didn’t finish today’s Little Things posts so I wanted to work on it. Since I was still hungry when I arrived home, I heated up some leftovers, ate it, and… got sick again. So now I’m working on this from my bed. I am still finding something good in this moment, though: it’s Friday, but school is out for the summer so I’m not at work. And my two cats are curled up right next to me.


Simple, quiet breakfast with a good book.


We finished Wayne’s new habitat! Now he has a larger cage, more climbing surfaces, and new sand lining the bottom. (Right now, he is staring at me from across the room.)


Diving into a new book while drinking some tea for my sore throat.


Our eighth graders graduated today! It was a strange, hectic week with many goodbyes and well-wishes. I can’t believe another school year has gone by.


And finally… it was my birthday yesterday! I’ve never really been a fan of celebrating my birthday (something about expectations never being met) and yesterday was no exception. I did enjoy the free drink from Starbucks before it made me sick, so it’s still a good little moment. The rest of the day, I was in pain and sickness, and dinner with my friends was very nice but still ended in sickness.

Here’s hoping that next week will be better. I’ll be away at camp for awhile, so I’m not sure if I’ll have an update next week. Until next time, loves.

Little Things: Sea and Petals.

This week went by rather quickly. After spending four days traveling and staying in Mexico for a wedding, it was hard to motivate myself to be productive at work. This week was also the last full week of school for the students before summer begins; having that in mind doesn’t help with the lack of motivation. The vacation + my growing dislike of my job has put me in a lot of reflection this week about where I want to be a few months from now. Life changes on the horizon?


I have a cute calendar with great quotes. When I read this upon waking, it was perfect. It’s not that I want to be lazy, but I want a simple, peaceful life. This is what I really realized on vacation and this is what I’m aiming at.


I absolutely love being near water. And I loved being in Mexico for a couple days.


Middle school field day = games with flying shoes!


One of my seventh graders has a great sense of humor. He’s a great kid.


This was actually a bit of a sad moment for me — after bringing a dying plant back to life (it was not watered while I was out of town), I arrived home yesterday to find all the petals had fallen off! Yet, these were still beautiful, and I’m glad I had the flower to liven up my back porch. With life, there is always death. This is a reminder to live.

How did you live this week?

Little Things: Harleys and Sushi.

At this moment, I am most likely on a plane across the United States. It’s also my husband’s my first time on a plane — we have a much-needed weekend ahead! (I predict many photos for next week’s Little Things.) This past week was also long and hard. And yet, I had beautiful things as usual.

Marigolds in my little garden.

Sitting on the porch with a book, sweet kitty nearby.

Harley-Davidsons in the parking lot? My kind of church.

Sweet, annoying Zuka. More sweet than annoying.

Sushi break. Pretty veggie maki.

Lunchtimes have been wonderful. I could use it to read or prepare lessons (as usual), but this week, lunch has been the only break in my day. I’ve cherished every moment of it, usually heading to the nearby downtown area for some walking and sunshine.

One bag. Two people. Four days. Small and simple.

What little things made you smile this week?