Little Things: Water & Fireworks.

The past two weeks have been spent mostly in quiet reflection of my life. My husband and I have a lot on our minds as we search for new jobs and consider changes. Being online has become a low priority for me and continues to get lower. Summer has been very lovely. I have no idea what July and August will bring us. How about you?


An entire unplanned day with my husband. We slept in, hung out by the pool, lay around on the apartment floor (it was over 100 degrees outside!), and went over to his parents’ house to swim in their pool and eat dinner.


No 4th of July is complete without fireworks!


A day in Madison with a stop at a great little diner.


Finally, a weekend at the summer house in Wisconsin!


The morning before we left Wisconsin, I sat on the pier to enjoy the silence and noticed this lovely web that had been created overnight.


Spent an afternoon at the botanic gardens with my students. Aside from the tram tour, we spent most of our time in the Japanese garden — my favorite one. This is from the top of a waterfall nearby.

Little Things: Geocaches & Crocodiles.

June has been a great month. Taking control of my personal schedule and learning to cherish each day has really made a positive impact on my life. I look forward to what July and the rest of the summer brings. One day at a time.


Great weekend for a road trip to Ohio with the husband!


I adore beautiful, rural landscapes like this.


Mason jar vase on a picnic table for the rehearsal dinner. Two good friends from college got married this weekend at our alma mater — it was a great weekend, beautiful wedding, and a fun time with old friends.


Road trips also mean we tend to pick up more geocaches!


We ended our four-day Ohio trip with a day at Cedar Point with some friends. It was a perfect day to be at the park. I also haven’t been on a roller coaster in a few years — nothing beats the coasters here.


I have been creating more time for reflection and journaling.


Summer school has been much more laid back than regular school during the year, complete with two field trips a week. I’ve been enjoying more moments this summer to connect with the students. This week was a Cubs game and a trip to a reptile wildlife preserve where I pet the belly of a crocodile.

Little Things: Sunsets & Bees.

Little things from the past two weeks. Of course, some of the best moments and things weren’t captured by a camera.  Before I share photos from last week, I want to wish you a wonderful weekend with simple moments, quality time with loved ones, lightning bugs, and scrumptious meals.


A beautiful sunset over a beautiful lake. A few moments to myself.


Helped kids paint a variety of things throughout the week.


I absolutely love seeing items hanging on a clothesline in the summer.


Spent a lot of time in the camp’s activities center with wonderful woman and fun crafts. I really like digging my hands into beads and grains of rice.


Many quiet moments to reflect and write this week. Making it a habit.


Enjoying a car show at Willow Creek’s DadFest. I especially enjoyed the RVs.


My dad’s birthday fell on Father’s Day this year and we celebrated with a small dinner at a favorite local spot of his. He loves karaoke. My family sang.


I put on a beekeeper’s suit and hung out with honeybees.