in the bluegrass.

We made it. We’re in Kentucky and loving it!

It took us two days to drive down to Kentucky with a truck, an RV with all our belongings, a car, myself, my husband, our friend Josiah, two cats, a bunny, and a bearded dragon. We left Chicagoland on a Sunday morning, stayed overnight at a campsite in Indiana, and arrived at a Walmart in Kentucky on Monday afternoon.

Walmart? Yep, to buy another new trailer tire. An hour after departing the Indiana campsite, I was following the RV (as was the plan) when I noticed a flat tire and pieces of rubber flying at me. I waved Kyle down and we discovered a blown-out tire — the one tire we hadn’t replaced recently. Thankfully, I caught it before it wore down to the rim. Kyle skillfully changed the tire and we hit the road again. Once the newly purchased tire was put on the RV, we headed to the farm.

Arriving at Jordan’s (our adopted aunt) house was a huge thrill! We were welcomed with friendly faces, open arms, and dozens of quacking ducks. After years of talking about doing this, we are here.

The RV is currently parked in Jordan’s driveway; we will be relocating to our spot (a hundred feet away) some time in the next week or so once we lay down some gravel. In the meantime, we’ve made multiple trips to stores in the area, done more RV work, rode around on the ATV, had breakfast at Waffle House, worked around the farm, played with ducks, hung out with horses, planted a tree, relaxed, explored nearby towns, met many nice people, BBQ’d, and enjoyed our time with Jordan and Hank. Last week was our vacation. This week, we’re job hunting and settling in.

And in the middle of everything, we actually went back to Chicago for a day to see some family and visit our friends’ sweet newborn son. It was wonderful seeing them. On our way out of Chicagoland, we saw a sign for the Dixie Highway and on a whim, decided to exit the tollway and hop on Dixie. It was a pleasant road that led us south through some small towns in Illinois. They were all so quaint and peaceful, a different side of Illinois than we’re used to seeing (endless construction, rude drivers, taxes, tollways, etc). And somehow, that made us appreciate Illinois a little bit better. We grabbed pizza in near-empty Hoopeston, IL before getting back on the usual highways through Indiana back to Kentucky.

It was so good to be back in Kentucky. The entire twenty-four hours we were in the ‘burbs, we felt like visitors in the past, even though we only left a week prior. Those feelings melted away once we hit the road. Quacking ducks outside our windows is home.

The foggy mist here is gorgeous. It’s slightly scary when you’re driving through it on rolling hills in the middle of the night (I kept expecting a ghost to pop out), but absolutely stunning in the early morning hours. Click here to see more photos I took of the horses in the early morning mist.

Oh, and something else I need to get used to: bats! At twilight, the deer walk out of the woods to graze in the pasture as the bats fly out of the trees, dipping and diving everywhere. They’re fun to watch. 🙂

So there it is. We’re here. We’re happy. Pieces still need to fall in place, but we don’t mind.

Our home is open to visitors! Come by anytime.

Much love.

NOTE: My computer died. I’ve been alternating between using the notes feature on my outdated iPad (works great but most apps won’t work because the iPad isn’t compatible with the recent iOS) and borrowing Jordan’s laptop to plug the notes into a blog post. I’ll get a new computer eventually…..

kentucky lovin’.

My husband and I spent a wonderful few days in Kentucky earlier this week — surveying the land, playing with all the animals, exploring nearby towns, and connecting with our new neighbors. Although the area hadn’t fully turned green quite yet, it was sunny and above 60 degrees! Being outdoors was good for my soul. Ahhh…..

I did not want to come back home. And I cannot wait to go back in a few months!

Here’s a slideshow of some of my favorite images from our trip: ducks, hills, and horse selfies!

As far as our land goes, I’ll go into detail in a later post.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!