November Goals.

October was a lovely and crazy. The first couple weeks were wonderfully autumn-y with nature walks, warm drinks, haunted houses, and celebrations. The last couple weeks were weird. I was sick. Kyle was sick. Our cats were sick. Our bearded dragon was sick. So were all the people we work with. Temperatures dropped, snow fell, and my pumpkins still haven’t been carved yet. I guess I can do that over the weekend. And sleep an extra hour.

My goals for October were:

  • Let go. Success! I didn’t worry about ‘things I had to do’ or ‘rules.’
  • Hold on. Success! Somewhat. Still wish I could see family more.
  • Enjoy lifeSuccess! I enjoyed what I could.

In November, I will:

Write something each day.  November marks NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I won’t be working on a novel, but in the spirit of this month, I’d like to write something each day — whether it be a restaurant review, a blog post, an article, or whatever. I just need to write.

Work on holiday cards and gifts.  I’d really like to send out holiday cards this year and make more handmade gifts. By focusing on these now, I won’t feel rushed when December rolls around.

Avoid social networks. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. So, I’m doing part of my end-of-the-year digital sabbatical a bit early this year. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest? Not logging in. Spending time looking at things on my phone? Not doing that. I’ll still be writing reviews and blog posts, checking email (only on my computer), and staying in touch with people through phone calls and texts. I just need to detach from my phone and social networks. This month is for family, friends, rest, cozy meals at home, knitting projects, writing, diving into books, and being thankful for all the blessings I have.

How does November look for you?

October Goals.

September was good. We finally found a budget system that worked for us, we celebrated various stages of life with different friends, and we welcomed autumn. My goals for September were:

  • Take at least one photo a day. Success!
  • Pray more. Success! I still need to pray more, though.
  • Be more serious about working out again. Fail. Working out isn’t for me. Moving on.

In October, I will:

Let go. Letting go of goals. Of to-do lists. Of unnecessary obligations. Of personal ‘rules.’

Hold on. To family. To friends. To moments. To the little threads that weave together life.

Enjoy life. It’s autumn! It’s October! My favorite time of year. I just want to enjoy it. 🙂

September Goals.

2013-09-01 09.26.06
My goals for August were:

  • Find a job/steady source of income.  I found work as a signing aide in a preschool for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids. The same day I accepted that job, my old job finally called me back for the new school year. By then, I felt like it was too late and I had already mentally prepared myself for the new job. It was hard saying goodbye to the old job, but I am loving the new one!
  • Try cash budgeting. Semi-fail. This went well for the first three weeks. The last week, we just screwed it all up and spent more than we wanted. Our travel budget went over $200 and we hadn’t accounted for some extra expenses. We are doing this again in September.
  • Decorate. Fail. I haven’t felt the need to decorate. That might be a good thing.

In September, I will:

Take at least one photo a day. I’m initiating a daily ‘morning view’ photo series again.

Pray more. My spiritual discipline is lacking and the one area I struggle with the most is prayer. I want to focus on prayer this month. My church is also releasing a study on prayer this month, which is the perfect companion to this goal!

Be more serious about working out again. I’m not sure if this means joining a gym (again), but I’d like to work on being more active several times a week. I have a hard time motivating myself.

What are you doing this month?