A Writing Life.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. As a little girl, I’d bury my nose in Nancy Drew and Babysitter’s Club books with the dream that someday, I’d be writing a popular children’s novel series. I started my first diary at 7 years old and haven’t stopped since. In elementary school, I created classroom newspapers before writing on the middle school newspaper. My book-writing dreams evolved as I wanted to write non-fiction instead (although I had a serial killer novel on the side). Eventually, I double-majored in Creative Writing  & Film in college with dreams of experiencing as much as I could in life so I could write about it. I already have a title for a book. After graduation, I landed a gig writing press releases for a PR firm in Chicago. I met with entrepreneurs, learned about their businesses, and promoted the heck out of them.  It was at this point that I began to dislike writing. Most of the time, I sat at a desk in a windowless basement for eight hours a day. I had limited room for creativity. Writing lost its’ appeal.

I switched careers and became a teacher instead. Yet, I kept blogging occasionally. It was sort of fun when I wasn’t working for someone else. Two years ago, I started blogging a lot — to the point where I was networking with others and starting to write guest posts. Then I stopped last year as  I tried to focus on something else that I thought would help me accomplish my goals. My online network faded a bit. Then I realized that what I was doing last year was actually pushing me away from my goals. The irony!

So, those goals? They’re clearer than ever. I have a better vision of my future now. I have been thinking and praying a lot about what’s next in life. Tiny House will happen. Travel is a no-brainer. And then kids. Kids won’t be part of our little family for awhile (at least, that’s not what we’re planning — but who knows what could happen), but it is important for me to start thinking about that possibility. I know that I’d like to be a homeschooling/unschooling mother — which means I most likely won’t go back to work. My husband has a job, but I’ll need a creative, location-independent source of income. I want to write again. This time, in addition to enjoying blogging, I want to eventually earn a source of income on the side from it. On my own terms. I need to start now.

The problem is — I’m not quite sure what my niche is. Sure, I’m passionate about healthy foods, an easy-to-breathe simple life, loving others, tiny houses, my adorable kitties, and so on. But I haven’t been able to find that one thing to focus on. My blog does not center around one main concept. Actually, it centers around me. I know I’m pretty awesome (duh), but I’m not quite sure how to transform my writing into something that eventually leads to a career. I’m excited for this decision I’ve made but not quite sure what the next step is. As for now, I will continue reaching out to people who do what I want to do and learn from them.  Every day, I am inspired. My head is overflowing with ideas. And I will write.

I know it’s an odd thing to write about not being sure what I want to write about.  I just want to be honest and put this out there. Maybe you’ve been feeling the same way. Maybe you overcame that. Maybe this is the kind of thought that leads to something big!