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Three-Year Dreadiversary!

  Today marks three years that I've had my hair locked up and comb untouched. When I first started the dreadlock journey, my hair was a mess. After a year went by, it shrunk a lot! By the time two years rolled by, it finally looked like dreads. And now? It has transformed so much, growing… Continue reading Three-Year Dreadiversary!


Two Year Dreadiversary!

Today. my dreadlocks are two years old! Awww.... my hair is a toddler! What I love the most about my hair now: it's growing longer! Woo-hoo! And they actually look like dreads.... more than they ever have. After so much shrinkage in the first year,(in addition to cutting off the wispy strands of my hair last year) my… Continue reading Two Year Dreadiversary!