joyful magic.

March is my least favorite month of the year. It’s the month when I’m ready for the cold and snow to disappear but first, it feels the need to mix with the freezing rain and create an annoying, muddy mess before the beautiful spring of April appears. I’m glad I started the happy project as March arrived — the days don’t seem as slushy when I’m focused on finding things that bring me joy.  Several of my friends have joined the project, too. It’s wonderful seeing images from their every day lives that make them happy. This happiness is contagious!

March has amazed me so far. Deep conversations, unique people, important paperwork (and vehicle ownership!), delicious food and drink, the tease of sunshine, yoga, and more. One photo of joy each day doesn’t even begin to capture the magic I experience from the moment I wake up the moment my head hits the pillow at night. As each day passes, I feel like I am finally squeezing as much fullness out of them as I can without holding on too tight. Life has crazy ways of stretching and surprising me. And oh, yes, there are moments of frustration where tears fall and objects are thrown, but woven together with the joyful threads and grace of God, it creates this amazing fabric that is my life.

March, I think I’m in love.

quiet Monday afternoon.


I feel like I’ve been writing a lot about snow lately.

But… I guess that’s just because there has been so much snow.

And I’ve been home a lot lately. I’m home again today.

From where I sit on the couch, I can see the snow falling (actually, it’s more like ‘plummetting’) outside — a thick, white blanket of movement. Zuka is sleeping on the futon, and Bogart has just walked over and curled up next to me, purring. My heart melts when he naps with me during the day. He’s an energetic little cat that annoys the heck out of me with his constant meowing and getting into everything he shouldn’t, so the cuddly moments are cherished. I can hear the refridgerator humming nearby and Wayne’s (my bearded dragon) body thumping around in his cage as he tries to climb the walls and falls. Up and down. Swipe, swipe, swipe, thump. I haven’t turned any music on yet. That’s OK, I’m enjoying this sort of silence.

As much as I want to let go of the winter season, I’m holding onto days like this as much as I can. It won’t be long before the hustle of spring and the busyness of summer arrives. Then we’ll be off on a new adventure. When I think about the fact that a dream is coming true soon, my heart beats faster. I want to jump up and down with excitement. I want to pack up the RV and leave now. I want the dream to begin today. Four months seems so far. Yet, we have much work to do, people to see, and things to take care of. Four months will fly by.

Instead of a long update, can I just make a list?

  • The week was long. So long. My brain was exhausted every day.
  • Kyle and I spent Friday’s full moon evening watching a horror film (The Cabin in the Woods) and eating Chinese food before falling asleep at 10pm. Perfect.
  • Although Kyle was on-call all weekend, he was never called on Saturday. This was absolutely marvelous because it was the first full Saturday we’ve been able to spend together in months. We organized and condensed our files and papers, replaced the cabinet hardware in the RV and cleaned out the rest of the previous owner’s stuff, dropped stuff off at the Salvation Army, browsed the aisles at one of our favorite stores, enjoyed a frozen pizza, and even found time to lay around and listen to music. I cannot remember the last time I just listened to music and did nothing else. Especially with him.
  • I participated in a zombie massacre on Saturday night.
  • By the way, zombies aren’t too bad at hula hooping. As one zombie said to me, “You can’t go anywhere on a Saturday night without a hula hoop!” Word.
  • I woke up earlier than usual Sunday morning to volunteer with the children’s ministry at my church and ended up having a much better experience than I expected! I don’t know if I will volunteer with them again, but it was great meeting the kids and seeing what they do on Sunday mornings.
  • I’m temporarily switching back to a vegan diet starting today. My food intake has been terrible lately and I need to get back on track with less cheese and more veggies.
  • Sunny and twenty-seven degreens feels quite warm.
  • I have a cold. Using lots of essential oils (OnGuard for the win) and drinking endless green tea.
  • I have a bit of a dry socket from my wisdom tooth removal, which explains the little bits of pain I’ve been feeling on and off for the last two weeks. And my chin is still numb. It will take quite some time to heal, which is annoying, but could be worse.
  • We finally meal planned (it’s been awhile since we sat down to do this) last night and I got a week’s supply of groceries this morning. It is so nice to have food again! And it was fun running into my in-laws at the grocery store.
  • Another massive snowfall is expected this afternoon. Sigh.
  • But then…. it will be in the 40s later this week! I cannot wait! Hurry up, spring!

Also, I’ve had Mandy Steward’s Thrashing About With God on my to-read list for a few months. On Saturday, I found out one of my favorite stores was closing with a huge sale, so Kyle and I went to see if there was anything we needed. To my disappointment, most of the books were gone. But then, I saw this one copy of this black blook, pulled it off the shelf, and gasped out loud. One copy. Here. Just for me. No doubt that this was mine. Only God. I’m excited to dig into it this afternoon.

Oh! Zuka just came over here to lick Bogart’s ears. And they didn’t fight! I do not understand their relationship sometimes. Such is the life of cats.

Happy Monday, friends. Love.

this moment. now.

snow tree

There’s a lot on my mind. So many ideas to sort through and turn into reality. My head still hurts from my wisdom tooth being removed a few days ago. A grocery list sits on my counter. Things need to be organized and cleaned. The checkbook is unbalanced. Forms need to be completed and mailed. Knitting projects wait for me. Cat litter needs to be changed. And I should probably start cooking dinner.

But not yet.

Right now, it’s quiet. So quiet. I’ve been reading a book for the last hour or so, occasionally glancing up to watch the snow fall outside my window. Praising God for this.

Right now is exactly what I need, right now.