final days of happy.

Three things happened over the past few days that I wanted to blog about: I completed the 100 Happy Days project, my dreads turned a year old, and we moved into our RV full-time!! I am bursting with things to share. For today, I’ll focus on the 100 Happy Days.

Just like that, a hundred days has gone by. One hundred days of happiness, bursting with blessings. Of course, I’ve had hundreds of happy days before and will continue to have happy days, but it is always nice to focus on the positive. Looking at the collection of photos from the project makes me smile. I do have to admit that I’m kind of relieved this project is over — now I can focus on everything without stopping to snap a photo if I don’t feel like it. Yet, I loved it.

And what perfect timing for the 100th day than our last day in the apartment with friends!?

a little happy.

Confession: I am tired. Feeling ‘happy’ has been difficult on some days. I’m not sure what’s contributing to the happiness slump — maybe it’s a combination of everything: too much on my plate, drama at work, tight finances, the not-so-distant sort of uncertain future, rainy skies, and time slipping away. I don’t really want to talk about any of these things (or even share them here) because they are temporary worries that won’t matter down the road. I just wanted to share that no matter how much I stay positive or focus on the beautiful little gifts of life, there are days where I’m still kind of… sad.  There is still a focus on positive things and happy moments, but they are sandwiched in between slices of unhappiness. That’s OK — it won’t last. And it helps me cherish the happy days a little bit more. 🙂

happy in spring.

These are the current days of my life. These single moments. The beautiful joy in the everyday. Most days, I have more than one thing I could photograph for this project, which makes me feel incredibly blessed. My days have been so. full. of. life. I think a lot of it has to do with spring — everything is waking up. People are happier. Sun is shining. Friends are coming out to play. 🙂