meet laura.


DSC_0237hello, friend.

I’m Laura. I’m passionate about simple living, making conscious choices, and finding joy in the moments that make up my days. Minimalism and a passion for good health choices brought me to where I am.  My desire to live a Christ-centered life and set an example for my sweet, young son pushes me forward. I also value positive interactions, loving others, and living life as organically as possible. Just Being. 


In the summer of 2010, I stumbled upon the minimalist movement and became hooked. It was perfect for me – a lifestyle with few possessions, little-to-no debt, and freedom. I had no clue there was a word for it since I’ve always been frugal and hated clutter. Since finding numerous blogs by wonderful writers, my husband and I purged our possessions, stopped buying unnecessary things, focused more on conscious living, and documented our progress with adopting the simple life I desired. My spirit has grown so much. I spent a year writing over at smashyourtelevision about our decluttering journey (the site no longer exists). At the end of 2011, I switched over to another site before making my final home here.

I no longer focus solely on simplifying. Right now, I am focused on God and my family. My current obsession is living well and being joyful. This is a never-ending journey of change, just like me. Just like you.

tiny house / rv / home.

Since 2011, my husband and I were planning to build a Tiny House. In 2013, we changed our plans and bought an RV instead! We moved into it full-time on June 1, 2014. In mid-July, we said our farewells to Chicago, IL and headed down to Kentucky for an opportunity we didn’t know much about. We planned to build a tiny house on land but things change and we moved into a small home of our own on five acres with funny chickens. We aim to work on paying off our debt and live a slow life: watching the sun rise and set daily, being active in our community, loving, cherishing people, and serving God. We will just live. Simply.

a little more about what makes me me.

I was that kid that everyone picked on — the one with the big, thick glasses and the deaf accent. The smart geek that stayed in her room all day reading books and creating stories. The volleyball-playing honor roll student. I never fit in as I hopped around from crowd to crowd, interest to interest, path to path. My days were a mixture of light and darkness as I stumbled about trying to figure out my place. At some point during college, I used my past experiences to become stronger and unafraid to be me. My early twenties were a time when I discovered music, motorcycles, and mortuary science. My mid-twenties brought me faith, awareness, love, and a greater appreciation for this beautiful earth. My thirties? That’s an adventure I’m now pursuing. So many things grab my attention – the world is a fascinating place. I now spend my days reading, putting together puzzles, exploring new places, learning about God, focusing on the little things that define our lives, and being in constant awe of this amazing world….. Always, I am a lifelong learner.

one word.

My word/theme for 2020 is FAITH.


Updated on 5/21/18.