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hyggelig months. kind of.

What I typed in January: Since I'm not on Facebook anymore, and I'm kind of slowing down from everything in general, I thought it would be good to start writing blog posts again. When I have time. Usually during the child's nap. Or one of the many snow days we've had so far this month.… Continue reading hyggelig months. kind of.

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rest. be. breathe.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough with my life. As if I'm not doing the things God intended for me to do. As if there's so much to do that's not being done. As if I'm not inspiring anyone anymore. I have this mental to-do list in my head of the things I want… Continue reading rest. be. breathe.

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Too Many To Count. [770-1000]

770. arriving to our destination safely with dog and baby in the car. 771. seeing our families. 772. sweet zoo surprise from an online friend across the country. 773. cool, rainy day for temporary relief from the hot weather. 774. checking items off my list. 775. summer break. [...] 995. my little boy crawling! 996. his tiny… Continue reading Too Many To Count. [770-1000]