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Today was a good day.

Today was just a really good day.

It was not a spectacular day because of anything particularly amazing. To some, it would seem to be a relatively normal day. But it was the kind of normal that makes my soul happy. The kind of day I needed after the mentally exhausting weekend I had. The kind of ‘normal’ day I needed to motivate myself and push forward.

For the last year, I had a particularly good thing. It was a good thing that happened somewhat suddenly, but grew and brought me much joy. I changed a little bit because of it. I made decisions because of it. I sort of ignored other things because I wanted to invest in it. But it was still a good thing, which brought me to other good things. Then the good thing kind of faded and suddenly, right before the weekend, it disappeared. I spent the weekend mourning the lost of this good thing and analyzing myself, wondering what in the world happened. I was sad, angry, hurt, confused, and yet, full of love. I was not entirely graceful, which I regret, but in this, I have also learned more about myself. I filled the weekend hours with reflection, prayer, rest, wine, sitting in the sunshine (what a warm weekend it was!) and quality time (my love language) with some of the people that fill my heart up.

I also heard two great messages in church: one that covered a little bit about not conforming to other people but daring to be different (with a mention of one of my favorite bible verses: “Do not conform, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing, and perfect will.” -Romans 12:2), and another one that discussed friendship/relationships and covered the Five Love Languages – which I had been thinking about not too long ago. How fitting! I had to laugh and marvel at the timing of these messages.

By the time Sunday evening rolled around, I ended the weekend realizing that having the good thing gone was actually….. a good thing!

Now I am free to pursue interests and passions and people that I had been unintentionally pushing aside. I am free to devote more time and energy to everyone and anything, instead of tunneling in on a smaller part that wasn’t moving forward. I am free to be me, not conforming to who I thought I was supposed to be (how in the world did I let that almost happen!?), but continuing to grow and mature into whoever God is shaping me to be…. without holding things back. I did not see how this good thing was holding me back, but now I do. It was good for a time. But this is good too, and what I need. I am different.

I am free.

So, sometimes…. it’s a good thing when a good thing is gone.

I’m kind of thankful. Funny how that works. Funny how God works.

Back to today.

The most important part of my day, I believe, was one thing I had been neglecting on and off for months: mornings with God. I used to spend my mornings reading scripture, journaling, and praying. Doing this was, for me, the best way to set the tone for the rest of the day. Lately, I let it slide. As a result, I’ve been drained, and this lack of morning time was leaking into other aspects of my life. This morning before work, I was able to sit with a slow cup of coffee (no more creamer – see you later, dairy!), soak up some verses, try to pay attention to what God was showing me, and reflect/write what was on my mind. What a recharge! I am excited to start every morning like this again!

The drive to work was peaceful. I walked in the school building feeling calm and ready. Work was work. However, as I was standing outside, watching the students run around the playground in the warm, early March air, I realized that I had nothing to complain about with this job, nor have I ever really had anything to complain about. Most days, even if I’m exhausted, I actually look forward to being at work. All those snow days we had? Half of those days, I was upset not to be at work! Although I am not doing exactly what I had hoped to do when I acquired my degree a few years back, I am very blessed to be where I am. I always have been blessed, actually, wherever I’ve been. Along with that, the student I work with was in a good mood today, my co-workers are fantastic, and one of the departments set up a stress-relief day with complimentary massages (in which I found out that my back/body is good and relaxed) and a hot chocolate bar! Pretty awesome, huh? It was a very nice day at work, indeed. Even the rain that arrived this afternoon delighted me.

I’m sitting here at home now now with a fantastic Japanese-inspired dish I threw together: Soba noodles, tofu, mushroom, carrots, spinach, and green onions sauteed in sesame and chili oils. While eating my dinner, I realized that, with the possible exception of the hot chocolate I had at work today, all my meals and snacks today were vegan…. which also contributes to my high energy level and good feelings. I’m excited to be making good food choices again. Juicing, I missed you so much.

The rain just finished pouring a beautiful rhythm on the roof, bringing hopes of a lovely spring to come. Heavy clouds are blowing across the sky while shades of pale pink and purple from the sunset peek over the puffy edges. There’s a good storm coming in – I love myself a good storm. After I publish this, I’m hoping to finish the book I’m reading (Unstoppable by Christine Caine) and watch a little bit of Fixer Upper. Chip & Joanna Gaines are adorable; so are their houses. You can never have enough shiplap, right? Maybe I’ll throw in a little bit of yoga. Or maybe not.

Again, not a particularly marvelous day, but just what I needed.

Everything will be alright.

Peace be with you.

daily life

quiet Monday afternoon.


I feel like I’ve been writing a lot about snow lately.

But… I guess that’s just because there has been so much snow.

And I’ve been home a lot lately. I’m home again today.

From where I sit on the couch, I can see the snow falling (actually, it’s more like ‘plummetting’) outside — a thick, white blanket of movement. Zuka is sleeping on the futon, and Bogart has just walked over and curled up next to me, purring. My heart melts when he naps with me during the day. He’s an energetic little cat that annoys the heck out of me with his constant meowing and getting into everything he shouldn’t, so the cuddly moments are cherished. I can hear the refridgerator humming nearby and Wayne’s (my bearded dragon) body thumping around in his cage as he tries to climb the walls and falls. Up and down. Swipe, swipe, swipe, thump. I haven’t turned any music on yet. That’s OK, I’m enjoying this sort of silence.

As much as I want to let go of the winter season, I’m holding onto days like this as much as I can. It won’t be long before the hustle of spring and the busyness of summer arrives. Then we’ll be off on a new adventure. When I think about the fact that a dream is coming true soon, my heart beats faster. I want to jump up and down with excitement. I want to pack up the RV and leave now. I want the dream to begin today. Four months seems so far. Yet, we have much work to do, people to see, and things to take care of. Four months will fly by.

Instead of a long update, can I just make a list?

  • The week was long. So long. My brain was exhausted every day.
  • Kyle and I spent Friday’s full moon evening watching a horror film (The Cabin in the Woods) and eating Chinese food before falling asleep at 10pm. Perfect.
  • Although Kyle was on-call all weekend, he was never called on Saturday. This was absolutely marvelous because it was the first full Saturday we’ve been able to spend together in months. We organized and condensed our files and papers, replaced the cabinet hardware in the RV and cleaned out the rest of the previous owner’s stuff, dropped stuff off at the Salvation Army, browsed the aisles at one of our favorite stores, enjoyed a frozen pizza, and even found time to lay around and listen to music. I cannot remember the last time I just listened to music and did nothing else. Especially with him.
  • I participated in a zombie massacre on Saturday night.
  • By the way, zombies aren’t too bad at hula hooping. As one zombie said to me, “You can’t go anywhere on a Saturday night without a hula hoop!” Word.
  • I woke up earlier than usual Sunday morning to volunteer with the children’s ministry at my church and ended up having a much better experience than I expected! I don’t know if I will volunteer with them again, but it was great meeting the kids and seeing what they do on Sunday mornings.
  • I’m temporarily switching back to a vegan diet starting today. My food intake has been terrible lately and I need to get back on track with less cheese and more veggies.
  • Sunny and twenty-seven degreens feels quite warm.
  • I have a cold. Using lots of essential oils (OnGuard for the win) and drinking endless green tea.
  • I have a bit of a dry socket from my wisdom tooth removal, which explains the little bits of pain I’ve been feeling on and off for the last two weeks. And my chin is still numb. It will take quite some time to heal, which is annoying, but could be worse.
  • We finally meal planned (it’s been awhile since we sat down to do this) last night and I got a week’s supply of groceries this morning. It is so nice to have food again! And it was fun running into my in-laws at the grocery store.
  • Another massive snowfall is expected this afternoon. Sigh.
  • But then…. it will be in the 40s later this week! I cannot wait! Hurry up, spring!

Also, I’ve had Mandy Steward’s Thrashing About With God on my to-read list for a few months. On Saturday, I found out one of my favorite stores was closing with a huge sale, so Kyle and I went to see if there was anything we needed. To my disappointment, most of the books were gone. But then, I saw this one copy of this black blook, pulled it off the shelf, and gasped out loud. One copy. Here. Just for me. No doubt that this was mine. Only God. I’m excited to dig into it this afternoon.

Oh! Zuka just came over here to lick Bogart’s ears. And they didn’t fight! I do not understand their relationship sometimes. Such is the life of cats.

Happy Monday, friends. Love.