A follow-up to 1000 Hours Outside….

If you recall, my last post on this blog was in January — in which I mentioned wanting to spend 1000 hours outside. Well. We spent a lot of hours outside. A lot. At some point, I had tracked up to 600 hours on our tracker sheet. Then one day, I got tired of tracking hours, took the sheet off the fridge, and tossed it out. It didn’t matter anymore. I didn’t need to keep counting. I didn’t want to obsess over that sheet anymore. We just wanted to be outside. I actually don’t think that we will meet the thousand hours goal, but that’s OK. We spent as much time outside as we could and we had a swell year with the outside adventures we could do. And we were intentional about it. That was the point anyway — be intentional about spending more time outdoors. And we loved it. Cheers.

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