the year of: no.

Six years ago, my word of 2013 was light.
Five years ago, my word of 2014 was release.
Four years ago, my word of 2015 was nourish.
Three years ago, my word for 2016 was presence.
Two years ago, my word for 2017 was authentic.

Last year, my word for 2018 was hygge.

A few months ago, I knew exactly what word I wanted for 2019.

This year? The word for 2019 will be NO.

Yep. You heard that right. NO.

It’s a bold, powerful word. For me, NO is:

  1. saying “not right now” to potential commitments.
  2. being more intentional about how I spend my time.
  3. allowing for better quality when I say, “yes.”
  4. avoiding purchases to cut back on my debt.
  5. refusing to conform.
  6. staying away from things that aren’t beneficial to my growth (whether this be certain foods, social media, movies, whatever).
  7. peace.

I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed. I’m tired of constantly comparing (even when I don’t intend to, I still do). I’m tired of wasting my time. I’m tired of forgetting to focus on what does matter: my relationship with God, my family, and relationships with people. I’m tired of being tired.

I’ve been reminded more of how short life is. Death has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m not sure why, but regardless, it is prompting me to be more intentional about how I use this life that I do have — whether it’s fifty years left, five years, five days.

This word is also a reminder to myself that I don’t need to be/do/consume all.

Less commitments, less business, less stress, less mess, less debt, less distractions.

More space, more time, more room to breathe. More life.

Cheers to your year, friends.

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