Goatbusters Gratitude. [505-539]

November brings plenty of thankfulness. Since the beginning of the month, I’ve seen several friends share things they are thankful for each day. I love it. I wish people did it more. I wish I did it more. But I do have this little gratitude project, which I’m enjoying, even if I’m forgetting to write some things down and trying not to repeat items already on this list of a thousand. And let me tell you — sometimes that’s hard! I find myself thankful for the same thing every day, like my regular cup of coffee, or kisses from my husband. I don’t list repeats, but they exist — these little moments and observations that I cherish daily.

Before I move onto my current list of gratitude, can I just take a few moments to talk about one of the most incredible things that happened in the sports world this week!? You know what I’m talking about. The Chicago Cubs finally broke their 108 year streak and won the World Series!!! I’m not really a sports person, but I do love the Cubs and have definitely been paying attention to them the last several months (thanks in part to my Cubs fanatic husband).

Not only that, but it was a fantastic seven-game series that went into an extra inning at the end (with a rain delay)! Both teams played hard, emotions were high, and the Cubs had a marvelous comeback from being down 3-1 in the series. Historical, indeed. Chicago’s going crazy. The curse of the goat has been busted. This is one of those times I wish I was there to celebrate.

I tear up every time I replay the final outs of the game. And when I think about how Ross hit a home run in his final career game. And when I think about how just a month before the Cubs won the series we were able to see them play their last game of the season despite not being in Chicago (and that was a great game too). And when I see all the statuses on my feed from excited fans and people who aren’t fans, but still excited. Of course, my emotions are running a bit high at the moment, anyway.

Fantastic start to November, indeed.

Along with that, it really has been a nice couple of weeks as October ended and this month of thankfulness began. I used to hate November. I thought November was the worst month of the year: full of dead leaves, cold air, a holiday revolving around food, and the pressure of Christmas to come. Then, I don’t know — in the last few years, I grew to love November. November is that sweet month of gratitude and preparation for the holiday season and the celebration of Christ’s birth. It’s when the leaves are dead, but beautiful. It’s when we prepare for a season of rest and hibernation. It’s the start of warm soups and cozy blankets. Connection. Hope. And all that food? YUM.

And this month…. whoa. Who knows what the end of the month will bring…!!

I plan to savor every moment that I can.

The last two weeks, I’m thankful for:

505. different opinions. 506. understanding. 507. beautiful fox. 508. trying a new recipe that both Kyle and I like. 509. so many eggs in the coop. 510. a bath! 511. glitter from the LUSH bath bomb swirling in the tub. 512. watching a classic movie (Gone With the Wind). 513. Cubs going to the World Series!!!! 514. hard-boiled eggs. 515. dog’s tail wagging. 516. soft, fuzzy yarn. 517. succeeding at a last-minute Halloween costume project. 518. funny sight of chickens roosting on a picnic table. 519. silhouette of cows on hills with a beautiful sunset. 520. Halloween dinner party with friends. 521. bonfire. 522. kids running around the yard. 523. piles of leaves. 524. delicious taco soups. 525. homemade bread. 526. all the pets piled in bed one lazy morning. 527. squirrel with apple in its mouth, prepping for cold weather. 528. brilliant stars in the morning sky. 529. caramel apple pops. 530. Indian summer vibes. 531. CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!! 532. $1 coffee from McDonald’s. no shame. 533. birds fluttering around in bare branches. 534. berries showing up on trees. 535. God’s invitation and acceptance being worth more than any person’s rejection. 536. unexpected gifts. 537. seeing people all over the country, especially in Chicago, come together to celebrate. 538. hearing young voices sing. 539. sweatshirt weather.

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