one thousand gifts

Back to school! [416-435]

August arrived, was pretty laid-back (lots of reading and pet cuddles), and now school has begun. I’m back into a regular routine and, although exhausted half of the time, enjoying it! Now, August is coming to an end and….. my favorite season is right around the corner!! Once September arrives, I’m planning on jumping right into fall, no matter how warm it might still be outside. Also, my wonderful hens hatched their first baby chick this week! I’m so excited!! We’ll see how this goes…

Here’s a few joyful things from the last month. Not a long list, but I don’t remember to write everything down all the time:

416. rays of the setting sun through field mist. 417. returning to the same place/school I worked in last year. 418. seeing my co-workers. 419. waking up to a gray morning when I needed a gray morning. 420. water droplets on still blades of glass. 421. a giant spider web stretched out between the trees. 422. health insurance. 423. dark chocolate candy. 424. free food coupons in the mail. 425. meeting a sweet five-week old baby girl. 426. wonderfully uplifting women’s bible study group. 427. a stranger offering to send me something I’ve wanted for free. 428. generous donations to me. 429. free drink at Starbucks. 430. FRIDAY. 431. berry chia almond smoothie. 432.  connections over a love for fall. 433. finding the first baby chick from my chickens!!! 434. having a clean house. 435. freshly mowed lawn.

Because a baby chick is exciting, here’s some extra photos:

I hope to have more of an update next time, loves.


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