one thousand gifts

Long, hot July days. [376-415]

Summer vacation (for us teacher folk) is nearly over and I return to work for a bit this week before school starts next week. Honestly…. I’m ready for school to start. My summer was not as productive as I hoped. It was my first summer not working (the school district I currently work for doesn’t offer summer school, which is what I usually do), but my husband and I agreed that it would be good for me to stay home instead of finding a short-term summer job. I planned to save gas money by staying home, rest before the craziness in the year ahead, paint all the rooms in the house, work with the chickens, pursue personal projects, cook more meals at home (saving money there too), and whatever else I needed to do. Well. Things change. And you can’t really do a lot of house projects without money budgeted for them. So I did rest. And I did work with the chickens. And I did stay home. But…. there were days when I got bored and restless quickly. It was a bit isolating (in addition to only having about five somewhat decent television channels on the bunny ears, no internet, and very limited phone data)…. Too much rest is not good for me. Too much rest led to days where I felt too down and unmotivated to do anything. Too much time alone left me craving adult interaction. (I talked to my cats too much.) I kind of regret not getting a second job. Oh well. Live and learn. I’m back to work soon.

So. Yep. I’m at the point where I’m kind of over summer. I’m ready for a busier schedule and cooler weather in a few months. I’m ready for new things. Patience, Laura….

And with that, here is my list of things I’m thankful for within the last several weeks. I’ve been a bit lax with writing things down, so the list is not nearly as extensive as it ‘should’ be. Regardless, even though the endless days where I was a bit lonely and bored, I still found things to be thankful for….. because when isn’t there something to be grateful for? And I don’t need to remember everything to maintain this thankfulness…. ❤

376. bottle-feeding baby goats. 377. fishing. 378. bonfire with good people. 379. full moon. 380. summer solstice. 381. delicious lemonade. 382. eating leftover cake whenever I want. 383. noodles and company. 384. turtle races. 385. random cats appearing in my friend’s yard. 386. fireflies lighting up the night. 387. baby goat climbing on my back. 388. rain stopping long enough for the fireworks show. 389. glow sticks. 390. enjoying a dinner with dear friends on their back patio. 391. going to the movie theater for the first time in years. 392. going to my first NASCAR race. 393. seeing my husband enjoy his birthday. 394. pool time. 395. huge, beautiful fuzzy orange moth sitting on our tomato plants. 396. motivation. 397. prayers. 398. inspiration. 399. broccoli cheddar soup. 400. veggie sandwiches. 401. the golden glow of the sunset after the rain. 402. pets being clean after baths. 403. a safe flight on a plane. 404. batman cake. 405. superhero-themed wedding. 406. celebrating the wedding of one of my oldest friends. 407. my parents. 408. new flair pens. 409. blank pages. 410. snuggly baby. 411. rain and storms arriving after too many dry days. 412. finally completing a personal art project. 413. purple hair. 414. invitations. 415. the library.


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