one thousand gifts

Joyful June! [324-375]


Making this short, but sweet. June has been awesome so far. I turned 30, some of my family came to visit Kentucky, and I’m spending time with awesome people and cute creatures. And I’ve had a lot of ice cream! There’s also been a lot of down time, which drives me a bit crazy at times (I kind of need to always be doing something)…. but I am trying to savor it as much as I can now before things get crazy at the end of the year.

So, here are the things I’m thankful for this month (that I remembered to write down — there were days without me remembering to jot down a joy):

324. serving with our small group. 325. seeing smiles on the faces of people we’ve helped. 326. short naps. 327. Kyle’s first car show with his own car. 328. great message at church. 329. kind words from kind people. 330. impromptu lunch at a new spot with our small group. 331. afternoon BBQ for a friend’s birthday. 332. meeting new people. 333. a much-needed cry. 334. hanging out at a lake. 335. getting some sun on my skin. 336. skipping rocks. 337. waves splashing against the large rocks. 338. finally combing out my dreads (this was a painful process) after several years. 339. having a new, tangle-free haircut! 340. a short and sweet visit from some dear people! 341. trying a new ice cream place. 342. bonfires. 343. exploring a conservatory. 344. reuniting with my dearest friends from college. 345. witnessing a beautiful wedding between two wonderful people. 346. making it home safe after a very late-night drive. 347. beautiful blue bird right outside my window. 348. waking up, surrounded by furry, sleeping cats. 349. free coffee at Panera Bread for two weeks. 350. sitting outside, eating a sandwich at Panera with several cute birds keeping me company, waiting for food. 351. the library finally being open again!! 352. turning thirty. 353. well-wishes and birthday love from dozens of people in my life. 354. ice cream adventure with a friend. 355. silly frog popping out to surprise me while weeding. 356. finishing a small art project I’ve been putting off for months. 357. having a stack of books to read. 358. Chicago-style root bee from Costco. 359. sweet yard sale find of two end tables I’ve been looking for. 360. kind people loaning us equipment. 361. free rocks to redo our pathway. 362. my mother and sister visiting for the first time since I moved nearly two years ago! 363. a flood of people in our house, enjoying each other’s company. 364. blowing bubbles. 365. kiddie pool. 366. backyard BBQ. 367. birthday cake! 368. baby goats wandering though the house! 369. Waffle House breakfast. 370. watermelon mint iced tea. 371. tons of leftover food to tide me over for the week. 372. finishing our last class towards foster care certification. 373. my sister. 374. my mom. 375. my dad.

Until next time, friends. ❤


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