Three-Year Dreadiversary!



Today marks three years that I’ve had my hair locked up and comb untouched.

When I first started the dreadlock journey, my hair was a mess. After a year went by, it shrunk a lot! By the time two years rolled by, it finally looked like dreads. And now? It has transformed so much, growing in long, beautiful locks. I love it. I’m glad I stuck with this crazy thing.




I tried something new, despite what some people may have thought of it, and had fun! I learned how judgmental people can be and how to loosen up any judgements I may have. I also learned how accepting some people can be, and marveled in that. I discovered freedom in not caring what my hair looked like… although there were days that I was really self-conscious about it (I guess that will always happen with me no matter how I look). I committed to something and stuck with it! I’m so, so glad I jumped into dreadlocks.

That said, when I started, my goal was to have my hair like this for three years. I thought for sure that I’d want to go beyond three years, maybe five, eight, ten, through old age?! But honestly? Since last year, I’ve been ready to let them go. There are days when I love my hair and the cute hairdo I’ve done or the way they feel, then there are other days they’re heavy and hot and exhausting. I go back and forth. I’m afraid of letting them go in case I regret it. I’ve received so many compliments that I almost want to keep my hair because other people notice and love it. However, I’m more than my hair, right? Yes.

The hair will go soon. I’m ready for another change. Dreadlocks, you were fun. ❤


2 thoughts on “Three-Year Dreadiversary!

  1. This was super interesting. I can’t keep my hair the same way for even one year, let alone three. I grow it long then get strange assymmetrical cuts until it ends up in a pixie and it is time to start growing again. Luckily, my hair grows quickly and I believe that if you are confident enough, you can pull off any style. The dreads looked cool, but change is fun!

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