one thousand gifts, personal happiness

School’s Out! [292-323]

Another two weeks has flown by! I spent a full weekend in Chicago for my dear friend’s wedding and now… school’s out for the summer! This will be my first summer not working (with the exception of two years ago when I choose not to work because of our out-of-state move mid-summer), so it will be kind of weird. I’ll need to find fulfilling things to do to occupy my time. I anticipate several house projects, organization, maybe some writing, copious amounts of reading, taking care of our little ‘zoo’, who knows… I need to rest for a bit.

292. taking photographs. 293. coming home to a sweet, kind surprise in our driveway. 294. smart chickens that are able to put themselves in the coop at night while we’re away. 295. a calm, teacher workday without the students. 296. making great time driving back to Chicago. 297. seeing my parents! 298. a skittish but sweet Charleigh (my parents’ cat). 299. surprising a friend at work. 300. getting a lovely manicure and actually loving my pink sparkly nails (me? love pink?!). 301. getting to know a diverse group of ladies as we prepare for our dear friend’s wedding. 302. karaoke. 303. hair compliments. 304. a tearful groom. 305. a beautiful bride. 306. a sweet wedding celebration. 307. Italian beef. 308. carousel rides. 309. smoothies with a friend. 310. chatting with another friend and her baby. 311. seeing one of my favorite hippie redheads. 312. seeing some of my in-laws. 313. a much-needed mini nap. 314. finally having some Chicago-style stuffed pizza. 314. hanging out with my sister!! 315. just being at my parents’ house for a few days. 316. catching up with an old friend. 317. coming back home to my husband. 318. mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cone. 319. a quiet dinner at the Japanese garden on a sunny, warm day. 320. fish swimming in the pond. 321. finding an egg in the coop almost every day now. 322. last day of school with the kids (bittersweet). 323. lunch out with coworkers. 


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