one thousand gifts, personal happiness

Receiving Generosity. [267-291]

My husband and I have been talking a lot lately about how overwhelmed, humbled, and thankful we are. We love to give and have always been pretty generous with our time, money, and gifts; however, the past couple years since we moved to Kentucky, we haven’t been able to give as much. In fact, we’ve been on the receiving end of generosity. So much generosity… and some from people we barely know! We are just in awe of the way the community we’re in takes care of each other and takes care of us.

Most of all, I am in awe of how God has been taking care of us through circumstances and people. When we were doing well for ourselves back in Chicago, I didn’t think too much to depend on God, unfortunately. But since things have been hard for us, I’m amazed and humbled by how God has shown us His hand in everything. I’ve been leaning on Him more and more as my faith grows stronger. I love it.

It has been hard for us to accept the help but good for us to learn how to do so. And we are so, so thankful. Some days we just don’t know how we can thank all these people. What I am learning is that we will find our ways to give and pay it forward when possible. The time may not always be now, but there will be a chance. I can’t wait to give back! Until then, I am daily grateful and reminded of how incredibly blessed I am.

And God is so good. All the time.

I had a pleasant week. How about you?

267. taking some time to just be a bum, playing my computer game. 268. having a clean house! 269. seeing my husband work so hard all the time (proud of him). 270. BBQ-ing and eating outside on our back deck during perfect weather. 271. planting tomato sprouts into the ground. 272. sherbet ice cream. 273. watching my friend graduate from college. 274. delicious Mexican food. 275. sweet kisses from my husband. 276. purring cat snuggling in my arms. 277. finding the first egg from my chickens! 278. string cheese. 279. chickens surrounding me with anticipation of food. 280. silly chickens pecking at my boots. 281. crazy thunder and lightning. 282. dog wanting to snuggle with me (even though he’s not allowed in the bed). 283. prayer requests. 284. being given some beautiful quail eggs. 285. seeing a large snapping turtle on the road. 286. performing with our line dance group at the nursing home and seeing the smiles on the residents’ faces. 287. coming home to a surprise of a freshly mowed lawn by a kind friend. 288. overwhelming sense of thankfulness for everything everyone has done. 289. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. 290. God’s provisions. 291. a package in the mail filled with great dog food samples and soft blankets for Rosco!

Until next week. Cheers, loves.


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