one thousand gifts, personal happiness

Rainy May. [248-266]

Last weekend was just the slow, relaxing weekend that we needed. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything marvelous, but stayed at home, getting some things done and resting so much. We have both been running around almost nonstop and it was nice to finally have a break to recharge. The rest of the week didn’t feel as rushed. For that, I am thankful. I savor the slowness.

248. cantaloupe. 249. sitting outside with a book, a dog, and chickens. 250. talking with more neighbors. 251. eating breakfast outside on a cool morning. 252. afternoon nap. 253. thought-provoking message at church. 254. seeing someone get baptized. 255. mini date night. 256. cinnamon rolls. 257. sun rising as I wake up and sun setting as I go to sleep. 258. an entire weekend without plans….. just relax. 259. yogurt. 260. bananas. 261. generous PTO at work providing treats for Teacher Appreciation Week. 262. sweet notes from a student. 263.  cats getting along with the dog. 264. Proverbs. 265. rubber bands. 266. free meal from Starbucks. 

Have a great weekend, friends! Happy Derby Day! Happy Mother’s Day!


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