one thousand gifts, personal happiness

Love for Rosco. [219-247]

Early last week, this sweet basset hound walked up to our front door and immediately became comfortable with us, fitting right in the house as if he always belonged there. Since he had no collar, we drove him around the surrounding roads for a couple hours trying to search for his owners. Without any luck or leads (everyone had seen him wandering for a few days but no one recognized him), we called the shelter to come pick him up. We were a bit sad to see him go, but couldn’t quite keep him… and wanted his family to find him. A week went by, and the animal shelter called us to let us know that he was still not claimed and now up for adoption. If he wasn’t adopted within a month, he’d be euthanized. So, we took him home a few days later. Now our family has a dog. He is the sweetest! I’m a bit overwhelmed at this sudden addition to our family (and he is prone to run off so always needs to be on a leash) but happy to have him. 🙂

219. bratwurst on the grill. 220. Stuart (the rooster) running out of the woods for treats when called. 221. BBQ dinner with friends at our house. 222. interesting martini bar. 223. full moon reflection in the creek. 224.  a restful morning in bed. 225. beautiful weather for a mini road trip. 226. reuniting with my fantastic friends from college. 227. celebrating a friend’s bachelorette. 228. a night out in Columbus. 229. being OK with being too old to mingle with dressed up & drunken college students. many generous and kind people in my life. 231. sitting outside in the backyard with a book and the sun on my skin.232.  wasps finally going away! 233. my cats enjoying the sunshine. 234. a visit from my father-in-law! 235. my husband acquiring a classic car. 236. one of the chickens feeling brave enough to eat from my hand. 237. homemade lasagna rolls. 238. two giant, beautiful leaf-like moths showing hanging out on the house. 239. the forest around our house turning dark and dense with leaves. 240. grace. 241. welcoming the dog that showed up at our house last week as now a permanent member of our family! 242. a messy home, full of animal love. 243. pesto. 244. dog kisses. 245. green tea frappe. 246. helpful neighbors. 247. baking macarons.


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