Spring Sunshine. [186-218]

It was another good week in this beautiful life. Love and peace to you.

186. line dancing at the airport at night. 187. m&m mcflurry. 188. impromptu visits with friends. 189. slowly getting over certain people choosing not to be in my life anymore. 190. first car show of the season. 191. watching planes take off. 192. regularly running into people I know. 193. creating connections. 194. coupons for free food. 195. classic corvettes. 196. much-needed message at church. 197. orange fish swimming peacefully in a pond. 198. wind chimes. 199. a calm, eighty-degree day. 200. feet in a kiddie pool filled with cold water. 201. watching my husband have a blast riding around on an ATV. 202. taking photos with chickens. 203. sweet dog showing up at our house. 204. knowledge. 205. being able to learn more about issues in society. 206. beautiful sunrises during my morning drive to work. 207. fluffy kitten snoozing on my chest. 208. standing in the middle of a field at night with the nearly full moon shining down. 209. manual labor. 210. laying in bed at the end of a long day. 211. seeing my coworkers get recognition for their work. 212. other people crying happy tears makes me cry happy tears. 213. the smell of fresh-cut grass. 214. wearing shorts outside! 215. looking at all the green coming out in my beautiful wooded backyard. 216. breakfast for dinner. 217. restful sleep. 218. rain coming to quench thirsty plants.


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