one thousand gifts, personal happiness

April beginnings. [148-185]

Friends, can I just tell you how thrilled I am that it’s Friday? I’m sure you feel the same way. This week has been exhausting for me. I can’t wait to go straight home after work, sit in the grass with the chickens, and relax. And then, of course, get the house cleaned, the laundry done, and all that fun domestic stuff.

It’s been a full month so far, filled with good things and stressful things (sorry, but I’m being a bit vague to keep things private). In this One Thousand Gifts exercise,  I try to note and jot as many things as I can, but I’m sure there’s dozens more I don’t remember to write down. I also attempt to avoid repeating items, which may be harder for me to do as the list grows.

But hey, what matters is that I’m noticing and appreciating, right? And I can tell you right now that this exercise is soooo good for me. I loved it when I did it before and right now, it’s keeping me thankful for these tiny good things in a sea of some really stressful things. I am joyful and hopeful. I am me.

So here’s my list of gratitude for the first two weeks of April.

148. bits of green showing up on the trees. 149. surprise daffodils in front of our house. 150. watching the Chicago Blackhawks win. 151. catnip. 152. funny chickens running around. 153. watching the wind blow the clouds across the sky. 154. inspiration. 155. sitting in the grass with the chickens walking around (and on) me. 156. knowing American Sign Language. 157. sign language interpreters. 158. fresh, homemade green juice. 159. having a pair of glasses to help me see. 160. grapes. 161. coconut oil. 162. hand lotion. 163. grapefruit essential oil. 164. a chicken, still beautiful, even in death. 165. being the recipient of a ‘pay it forward’ purchase at Starbucks. 166. being able to marvel at my dreadlocked hair after growing it out for almost three years. 167. baking soda. 168. yoga with two sweet people in my life and a room full of other strong women. 169. a new, lost chicken finding its way back to us the following day. what a happy surprise! 170. impromptu strawberry almond milkshake. 171. the way the morning mist floats and flows among the trees as the sun comes up. 172. coming together with a few other people to talk about how God works in our lives. 173. baby goat at school (where I work)! 174. Margaritaville playing on the radio as I drive with the sun shining warmly. 175. decaf coffee. 176. great co-workers. 177. FaceTime. 178. the smell of fresh roses. 179. the gym. 180. my fantastic trainer, who kicks my butt. 181. grilled food. 182. having an evening to rest during a busy week. 183. sleep. 184. surprise donut from a coworker. 185. FRIDAY.

Have a blessed weekend!


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