one thousand gifts, personal happiness

Spring break. [116-147]

Another sweet week has gone by. Grateful.

116. an unexpected surprise. 117. sweet tea. 118. driving down a back road with country music on the radio. 119. waking up to frost but ending the day in sunshine. 120. dying Easter eggs. 121. bacon. 122. watching bees land on flowers. 123. HOPE. 124. my church. 125. worship music. 126. Jesus rising from the grave. 127. going to bed before 9pm. 128. sleeping in until 7am. 129. sweet potatoes. 130. my planner. 131. root beer. 132. good secrets. 133. Whole Foods. 134. vegan pizza. 135. browsing a bookstore. 136. visiting a friend. 137. kisses from a goat. 138. learning a difficult line dance routine. 139. meeting new people. 140. a windy day. 141. rain. 142. thunder. 143. finally crossing a few lingering things off my to-do list. 144. a pile of new magazines to read in my mailbox. 145. lazy evening at home. 146. painting the chicken coop. 147. strawberry cupcake.

I plan to soak up the slowness of this weekend before heading back to work on Monday. How about you?



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