one thousand gifts, personal happiness

It’s a good, Good Friday. [116-135]

This past week was a bit more laid-back, which I needed. I’m eager to reflect on Easter this weekend and spend the week ahead (my spring break) considering on goals, going through my wardrobe (again), cleaning, making lists, organizing, digging through scripture, cooking lots of yummy foods, and doing random things that make my heart happy. This is a season of self-love for me again. More on that in an upcoming post. Until then, enjoy your weekend, friends. And remember: You live freely because He loves and gave His life for you. 

116. the wonderful county sheriff and local police departments. 117. finally Friday evening. 118. sitting outside in the sun, watching the chickens. 119. being first to find a new geocache. 120. butterfly fluttering by. 121. having a working washer and dryer. 122. space heater. 123. Chipotle. 124. rainbow pajama pants. 125. finding matcha green tea powder. 126. Jesus Calling devotional. 127. Steak N’ Shake. 128. health insurance covering prescription costs. 129. full moon. 130. lunar eclipse. 131. everyone stopped dancing to watch the deer outside at twilight. 132. old photos. 133. kids say funny things. 134. last day of work before spring break. 135. Good Friday: Jesus gave his life so you and I could have ours.

Much love.


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