one thousand gifts, personal happiness

More gratitude [61-115].

  This past week was such a good week, filled with all the good things.

61. rain creating rivers in the hills. 62. popcorn. 63. mason jars. 64. my student having a good day. 65. paychecks. 66. Johnny Depp’s fantastic acting. 67. kind text messages. 68. jelly beans. 69. sunlight later in the day. 70. beautiful bird sitting on the deck railing. 71. the promises that a new day brings. 72. green smoothie. 73. good people at Kroger recovering and returning my wallet. 74. a midday shower. 75. seeing Amish people hard at work in the fields. 76. peacock displaying it’s beautiful feathers. 77. funny sheep and goats running when they hear them being called. 78. farm cats. 79. being surrounded by a myriad of farm animals and delighting in it. 80. my car smelling like chickens, because… 81. acquiring my own chickens! 82. Chinese food with my ‘adopted family.’ 83. heated blanket. 84. quiet, rainy morning. 85. bright green grass. 86. walking though mud. 87. watching a slug move across my window. 88. almond milk creamer. 89. silence. 90. gathering chicken supplies. 91. farm fresh eggs. 92. hearing our rooster crow. 93. blue skies and sunshine appearing at the end of a rainy day. 94. golden slivers of the remaining sunlight reaching across the grass. 95. cherry amaretto ice cream. 96. watching Home Improvement with my husband. 97. small buds on the trees. 98. tiny red flowers on trees. 99. protein smoothie. 100. water droplets on tree branches. 101. first rainbow sighting of the year! 102. daffodils. 103. outdoor recess. 104. dental insurance. 105. red sunglasses. 106. midday coffee. 107. indulging in pizza for lunch. 108. our chickens roaming through our woods. 109. line dancing. 110. turquoise cowboy boots. 111. iced green tea latte. 112. Gaelic Storm playing in my car. 113. cat sitting in the window. 114. green beer. 115. finally going to sleep in a comfortable bed after a long day.


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