one thousand gifts, personal happiness

Gratitude, again.

 Several years back, I read One Thousand Gifts and did a personal thousand gifts challenge on my blog. Many aspects of my routine that kept me upbeat and inspired kind of faded over the last year or so, and I’m determined to get back to how I was: an energetic, veggie-loving, hoop-spinning, encouragement-writing, photo-taking, color-loving, don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff person with dreams. Simply being grateful was very important to me. Noticing and being thankful for all the small things was something I worked on for a bit before it became natural to me. And because of that, I was happy with my life — which was filled with so much!

It’s time to be grateful again. I started this exercise again on March 1st, keeping track of the little every day gifts I have during the day that I’m thankful for. I can’t remember everything, but jot things down as I can. My list will be posted on a weekly basis, until I reach one thousand. Maybe it will inspire you to do something similar…. even just noticing everything: finding joy in the dirty dishes and tears. After a week and a half of doing this, I’m feeling joyful and inspired again. It feels so good to be back into my old, happy habits.

1. waking up, being alive. 2. coffee. 3. black kitten sticking out his pink tongue. 4. earlier daylight. 5. bergamot essential oil. 6. a complimentary massage at work. 7. hot chocolate with peppermint. 8. rain. 9. hugs from my husband. 10. slippers. 11. indoor plumbing. 12. soba noodles. 13. tofu. 14. space heaters. 15. death metal music. 16. warm oatmeal. 17. weight-lifting. 18. peace and motivate essential oil blends. 19. water. 20. sweet potatoes. 21. unexpected, beautiful snow. 22. the library. 23. new stack of books to read. 24. jean day at work. 25. Starbucks butterscotch latte. 26. purple flowers poking up through the ground 27. Mario Kart competitions. 28. new faces. 29. trying a BBQ spot I’ve never been to before. 30. pulled pork. 31. geocaching in new places. 32. Kentucky Horse Park. 33. feeling welcomed. 34. sweet friends. 35. pesto quinoa. 36. dark chocolate. 37. waking up, surrounded by cats. 38. an extra day off work. 39. scripture. 40. flair pens. 41. clean laundry. 42. hope. 43. windows open, sun shining. 44. writing a letter. 45. finding a general practitioner doctor for possibly the first time in my life. 46. Fuller House fun. 47. popsicles from a little girl. 48. breathtaking sunrise. 49. birds chirping. 50. life. 51. death. 52. sore muscles. 53. impromptu sermons. 54. being inspired. 55. spinach. 56. candles. 57. having words to share. 58. sleepy kitten. 59. a soft bed. 60. tye-dye leggings….

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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