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Putting Down Roots.

Hello, sweet soul.

We’re nearing the end of fall with winter whispering around the corner. There’s already been a light dusting of snow and a couple frosty mornings but the sun is still shining warmly out here. I love it. (Actually, what kind of weather don’t I like? I pretty much love everything.)

I hope you’ve had a nourishing autumn season. I have, in some aspects. There is still a part of me filled with stress & worry (although the Lord tells me not to — something I clearly need to work on), doing some soul-searching & wondering about life, but that’s not what this post is about.

I wanted to tell you about our new home.

As you may remember, our original plan had been to stay in the RV for a few years unti we were ready to pursue our homesteading dream on some land that we were offered. Well, we had to move from that land and let go of our RV earlier this year. When that happened, we considered moving back near Chicago, staying in Kentucky, or moving to another state. We also evaluated our values & goals, and realized they have changed over the last couple years. Tiny House living didn’t seem to fit us anymore. We had already fallen in love with the area and started developing strong relationships within the community so we decided to stay…. and pursue our homesteading dream sooner than expected.

A couple months ago, we put down roots and bought a house!




It’s a sweet little home on five acres in a beautiful area of northern Kentucky.

We are in love with it.

It’s not a tiny house. It’s not perfect. It’s not the house of our dreams, but just…. so much more than we expected it to be for us. And will suit us just fine for the next season of our life — whatever it may be.

Three bedrooms (one room just for our pets!), two baths, a small living area, and an eat-in kitchen within 900 square feet. It’s not tiny, but still small! The large back deck overlooks the small, hilly backyard and the wooded acres beyond. I have taken many walks down to those woods and watched autumn gloriously appear and gently fade the past couple months. For all those times I used to walk through forests on my mornings before work, I never dreamed I’d have my own little forest! Swoon. We also have a bonfire pit, a chicken coop (yes it came with the house!), and plenty of space for grazing goats in the future. I have plans for this space. Oh, plans to garden and compost and milk goats and gather with kindred souls! I also have plans to tear up carpet, paint over the wallpaper, and give this home all the personal touches we want to add. All in due time, of course.

I’m also praying that we are able to use this house to serve God in some way — for children, for friends, for family, for anyone that may need this space besides us.

Even though I did not expect to own a home so soon, I am thrilled we found a place to put down some roots. Kentucky is really becoming home for us. Now, everyone we left behind in Chicagoland needs to come join us. Plenty of land here for y’all!

Another bit of news: two days after we closed on the house, my husband skidded my car over some gravel on a curvy road and hit a tree head-on. Although the night was scary (I had to watch the EMTs use the Jaws of Life to remove the driver’s side door to get my husband out), he didn’t suffer any injuries beyond some swollen muscles and pain for a couple weeks. I wasn’t in the vehicle with him, but all the passengers were OK. My husband and I are both so relieved that nothing worse happened. We were amazed by the community that showed up that night. Since the accident happened during a church-sponsored event, many people were present at the scene right away. They all prayed and comforted — what a blessing!! I was — and am stil — overwhelmed at the support we had that night. Much love to all those people!


4 thoughts on “Putting Down Roots.”

  1. So glad for a chance to read your newest post. Praising God that your husband and others weren’t hurt any worse than it was. Gravel roads can be a pain.
    I believe that God blesses some people with a bigger gift than their dream when He knows how well they will use it. I can really see you using your home for growing your roots in your community. God bless!

    1. Thank you for your words, Caroyln. We are not sure yet how we will be using our home in the future, but hoping it will be a tool towards something. Also, Merry Christmas! God bless. 🙂

  2. Hi Laura N.
    I just read your story about your Epoq Hearing aids giving you a bad time. I happen to stumble opon your story when googling about Epoq’s hearing aid. I had problems with my for long period to time and I sometime deal with it. I have Epoq P xw brand. It turns out it was the receiver problems and I often have to changed thme out with new ones. Do you have the same problems?

    Kenny Andrews, San Francisco California

    1. Hello, Kenny. Yes, I have to replace my receiver very often. It can be costly. It’s annoying. Years later, and I am still having the same problem. My left hearing aid actually isn’t working today.

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