Two Year Dreadiversary!

IMG_0941 (2)

Today. my dreadlocks are two years old! Awww…. my hair is a toddler!

What I love the most about my hair now: it’s growing longer! Woo-hoo!

And they actually look like dreads…. more than they ever have. After so much shrinkage in the first year,(in addition to cutting off the wispy strands of my hair last year) my hair is finally long again! No more shrinkage, and the ends are now below my shoulders. The locks are also fuller and ‘cleaner’ looking — not as funky and bumpy. I LOVE it. Even more than before.

However…… my husband keeps asking me when I’ll cut my hair (he ‘tolerates’ it). I want to hold onto them as long as I can — I had actual nightmares about washing my hair only to have the dreads come out! Terrifying, indeed. 😛 Yet, the thought of cutting my hair off has been more appealing lately. I actually cut four dreads off in the past few months because they were growing out undreaded and the thin strands of hair was barely apply to support heavy locks. What I noticed when I cut them off? That area of my head got lighter. Yes indeed, this hair has some weight to it! Crazy awesome. But will I be chopping/combing out the rest any time soon? I don’t think so. Still waiting for that ‘magical’ three-year mark.

I’m kind of amazed I made it to two years. Glad I was able to stick with this. Happy with all the support, compliments, and acceptance I’ve recieved. And to those of you who say, “Oh I want to do that but I never could!” YES, you can!

If you’re curious, here’s my post explaining my reasons for dreadlocks and  one year update.

Will I have a three-year update? We’ll see….

Much love to you. 🙂

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