Mid-Autumn Reflections.

The last month and a half flew by. October was a whirlwind of leaves blowing in chilling winds and multiple cups of coffee followed by long days of work. I’ve been happy, I’ve cried from stress, and also been perfectly content. I’ve wanted to say so much — unwritten blog posts were formed in my mind and plenty more words were jotted down in my journal. But, life got in the way, moments passed, and thoughts were shared with friends through conversations and videos and texts. All is good.

But here’s a little update for you: we’ve dealt with asian beetle infestations, unwelcome fleas, days of spaghetti-o dinners, running out of propane gas (more than once), poulty deaths, extremely tight finances, crazy weather, total body exhaustion, and praying we have enough to get through the day. On a personal note, I’ve also been playing around with questions of “What to do with my life?” “How to make a difference?” and “Is this job right for me?” These questions led me to dig into the bible more, strengthen my faith in God’s plan, and better understand how the threads of life are tangled together. We’ve also had crisp fall days, cozy evenings together, pizza date nights, friends visiting from Chicagoland, developing friendships, a wedding anniversary, wild turkey sightings, internet set-up, newborn horses, a glorous full moon, and countless other little blessings.

These moments have passed; I’m thankful and now just looking ahead. And we are constantly dreaming. It’s easy to dream when you’re already accomplished some of your dreams. Always dreaming and looking ahead….

Looking ahead to this winter and our challenges of keeping the RV warm.

Looking ahead to our plans for next spring that involve building a tiny house…!!

Looking ahead to becoming more involved with our church and community.

Looking ahead to the idea of having a bigger family.

Looking ahead to what plans God has for us. 

Looking ahead to this [already slightly] difficult journey and the fruits at the end.

That is where I am right now, friends: cherishing this messy, beautiful life.

Sending love your way. Hope you are well. Praying you’re embracing everything.


2 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Reflections.”

  1. Good November afternoon. Glad to hear that you and yours are doing well. Boy, do I want to hear details on building a new tiny home and adding to your family—-you’re not talking of more fur-babies (pets), are you?God bless you until the next update . Big hug for you.

    1. Hello, sweet Carolyn! I’ll share more details as we figure stuff out. Hopefully no more fur babies for awhile, but we’re open to the idea of another cat or a puppy in the future. Eek! Thank you. 🙂

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