thunderstorms & laundry.

Being out in the middle of an open field is amazing. We can see clouds for miles (or so it seems) and breathe. It’s crazy how sheltered we are from the outdoors in the city and suburbs. I am definitely enjoying this rural-ish life. Can’t wait to be in the hills of Kentucky!

Speaking of clouds, we’ve seen a lot of storms lately. Heavy buckets of rain and high-speed winds have rocked this little home. Fortunately, we’ve been fine. Nothing blown away. Nothing flooded. No power outages. Just crazy storms. The only damage we discovered was a little bit of floor covering under the pop-out peeling off a bit.  Nothing that can’t be fixed. I’m grateful that our little home is standing strong and that we’re able to discover these things and strengthen them now before we’re down in Kentucky.

I also tried doing our laundry with our WonderWash and spin dryer. I’ve had the WonderWash for years and had no problem doing light laundry in our apartment bathrooms. Clothes were hung up to dry on a drying rack in the tub and all was fine. This time, it was different.

A full load of dirty, heavy laundry takes a very long time outside with the WonderWash. Doing a couple shirts and socks is fine, but after cranking one small load, rinsing it under the hose, holding down the dryer while it spins and shakes, hanging up the clothes on a little drying rack, watching the drying rack topple over, picking the newly cleaned clothes off the ground, and staring at a huge pile of grease-stained jeans left to be washed is… exhausting. It also made me feel incredibly lazy. How can I give up after trying one small load of laundry by hand when my ancestors and other people worked so much harder than me on washing clothes!?? But… I gave up. I thought about doing laundry indoors on a cold or rainy day (eek!), decided to let go of the little laundry devices, and headed to the laundromat. Clothes were washed and dried within an hour. I was happy. Laundromats and I will become friends.

As for the WonderWash and spin dryer: we’re putting them up for sale. Someone else can love them (let me know if you’re interested). I’m a bit relieved to get rid of them, actually. They took up all the precious storage space in our back closet and it’s good to have that space back to store other things. Whew.

Otherwise, life is dandy. We still have things to fix and deal with, but taking it one day at a time. I’ve also discovered a fiber arts studio nearby and picked up needle felting! I brought some dear friends here a few days ago and we had a blast poking wool with needles until they became flowers and butterflies! 


2 thoughts on “thunderstorms & laundry.

  1. I’m happy to hear that everything is going well and that your new home is holding up to the thunderstorms. That Wonderwash does look like it would be a lot of work to do more than a days worth of laundry. I think I would opt for the laundry mat also.

  2. Pioneer women would kill for a laundromat any day of the week. They just had no choice in the matter back then. Great post.

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