the dreadlock journey: one year!

So… , my dreads are a year old now. Ahhhh!!!

I cannot believe it’s been a year. They still feel (and look to me) like baby dreads. My hair has a long way to go, but I’m not gonna lie — it’s been awesome.

Yes, there have been days when I’ve been frustrated with loops and bumps and locks coming undone; however, it is a process. No lock will be perfect. It takes time.

I LOVE my hair. I love how thick it is. I love how low-maintence it is. I love how free I feel.

And I love that pretty much everyone I meet has been very accepting of it.

With the exception of a couple not-so-nice stares, one person pulling me aside to tell me that my hair was slightly offensive to the African-American community (with good intentions…. he was gay, deaf, and African-American), and my grandmother-in-law asking “So…. you never comb your hair!?” all has been well. I also had a brief bonding moment one late Friday night at IKEA with a guy that had 8-year-old dreadlocks The compliments have been increasing as the dreads take form, and my confidence is rising. It’s been crazy how much this change in my hair has stirred my soul.

The weird thing is that I feel more like myself than ever.

I don’t think the hair is entirely responsible for this feeling; I’m making my dreams come true, I’m connecting with others in a way I haven’t before, I’m listening more, I’m paying attention, I’m releasing burdens, inhibitions, and negativity, one weight at a time. Free.

Of course, I am always changing and growing. Stretching and experimenting.

I love it. I love this life. And yes, I love this hair! 🙂



I am also sooooo thankful to my sweet, wonderful friend Kelly for the beautiful photos. I had such a fun time during our photoshoot and couldn’t have asked for more amazing photos. ❤ ❤ ❤

Also, my girl Sara released an eBook a couple months ago that she has been working on for years: The Dreadlock Journey. I am excited for Sara and have flipped through the book many times, with dreams and soul-stirring. Check it out, give her some love!

4 thoughts on “the dreadlock journey: one year!

  1. This is awesome Laura, it’s really cool to hear that your dreads have stirred something within you to help you feel more free! I feel a bit that way about my style as well, though I have acknowledged that’s it’s something ever-changing. I suppose the freedom comes from presenting ourselves the way we want to (an expression of our hearts and minds) without fear of judgement. 🙂 Rock on lady!

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