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Three Weeks Until Full-Timing!

Last week, I wrote the last rent check for our apartment.

Three more weeks and we are out of here. And into the RV.

*squeals with excitement!!!*

I also owe you an update on our progress so far.

To sum it up? Mold, rot, friends, new floors, and a little bit of paint.

Oh boy, oh boy….. mold and rot? 

First, we found some mold underneath the vinyl flooring near different entrance points (front door, pop-out, bathroom). Fortunately, the mold was already dried and dead, so we killed/washed it with bleach and painted over it with primer sealer before laying the floors down. My husband also found the source of the mold — some holes through the old caulk — so he re-caulked and sealed those spots. Whew.

Also, as we were investigating the border on the wallpaper, Kyle noticed one of the pop-out walls seemed funny. Tapped his finger and punched a hole through the wallpaper. Whoops? And ta-da: rotting wood underneath. Now that was a cause for panic, because dealing with a rotting wood wall and potential mold on a pop-out can be quite expensive. We sat on the floor for about ten minutes thinking about all our options and peeling the wallpaper/wood…. then we found styrofoam. The rotting wood just a quarter-inch panel! It wouldn’t be a big, crazy expensive project after all! Whew! Once again, my husband discovered the source of water (which caused the rotting, wet wood) and re-caulked the pop-out roof immediately. It was too hard to remove the old panel, so we painted it with primer sealer, put a new panel over it, and covered that with more primer sealer. 

We also picked out a nice, rustic wood peel-and-stick vinyl tile floor and with the help of some friends, installed that over one weekend. Once the floors were down, we painted the pop-out white to give it a finished look (the wallpaper border was peeled off prior to painting) and one wall a nice, vintage orange color! We used no-VOC Valspar from Lowe’s. It looks great! I really wanted to finish painting the rest of the RV (whites, greens, oranges, yellows, greys), but we are holding off on that until after we move in.

Our floors are done! Aren't they beautiful?
Our floors are done! Aren’t they beautiful?

Having completed floors is such a huge relief. Most of the exterior has been caulked, all the window cornices have been removed (will keep blinds and add curtains), cabinet hardware was installed a couple months ago, and the entertainment center has been adjusted to fit our 40″ flatscreen television (something I kind of wrestled with). 

We still need to peel off the remaining boarder, paint the rest of the walls, replace the carpet and replace some sink/shower fixtures. That will happen in due time. For now, we’re done with the renovations and just slowly moving things in/adding a few personal touches. Installing the hitch on the truck is our big focus during May, as well as taking care of address changes and other legal/paperwork stuff. 

Here’s what it looks like as of this afternoon. I feel so happy and calm in here!!

The cats also had a chance to explore today — I think they love it too!

We are getting there! Oh my gosh, where does the time go!?

PS: You can see more photos of the process on my Flickr account.


4 thoughts on “Three Weeks Until Full-Timing!”

    1. Thank you, Eric! We don’t want to let anything stop us. :)Next up: two new tires for the trailer. Eek!

    1. The water damage did cause us to panic a bit, but all looks good right now. Whew! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!! 🙂

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