tiny house/RV

renovation progress.

my husband, hard at work, ripping up the previous flooring.
my husband, hard at work, ripping up the previous flooring.

So far, we:

  • removed the futon and relocated it to our apartment
  • cleared out everything that belonged to the previous owners
  • dissembled and removed the built-in dinette
  • replaced the hardware on cabinets and drawers
  • ripped up the tile laminate flooring
  • cut out a section of the entertainment cabinets for modification
hardware before.
hardware before.
hardware after.
hardware after.

What’s left? Well. A lot. And we only have two months left to make the place move-in ready. My husband’s busy work schedule and the unusually colder ‘spring’ weather we’ve been having doesn’t help. We’ve concluded that the RV won’t be complete — with all its paint and replacements and accessories and so forth — before June 1st (our move-in date). It will, however, be move-in ready by then. Just the basics will be taken care of for now: flooring, caulking, dewinterizing, plumbing & electric, and moving our stuff in. Paint isn’t a neccessity. New counters and fixtures aren’t important yet. Carpet might wait. I’ve also grudgingly accepted that we won’t be painting the cabinets white, which is what I really, really wanted. My husband, and pretty much everyone else that has seen the RV so far, all like the oak. So the oak stays and I’ll have to learn to deal with it. I guess those white kitchen Pinterest ideas will have to wait.

The next thing we need to work on is the mold. Yep. We found mold. Not much, but still, blah. There are spots of mold on the subfloor near entrance points (slideouts and doors). That will be taken care of quickly, thanks to my handy and savvy husband. Once the mold is gone, then we can put down the oak laminate that we’re planning to use. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be cold this week, so it’ll be awhile until we can do anything. And right now? It’s kind of hard to wait!

But hey, at least we’re going to Kentucky this weekend to work on other things! 

So excited!!!


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