joyful magic.

March is my least favorite month of the year. It’s the month when I’m ready for the cold and snow to disappear but first, it feels the need to mix with the freezing rain and create an annoying, muddy mess before the beautiful spring of April appears. I’m glad I started the happy project as March arrived — the days don’t seem as slushy when I’m focused on finding things that bring me joy.  Several of my friends have joined the project, too. It’s wonderful seeing images from their every day lives that make them happy. This happiness is contagious!

March has amazed me so far. Deep conversations, unique people, important paperwork (and vehicle ownership!), delicious food and drink, the tease of sunshine, yoga, and more. One photo of joy each day doesn’t even begin to capture the magic I experience from the moment I wake up the moment my head hits the pillow at night. As each day passes, I feel like I am finally squeezing as much fullness out of them as I can without holding on too tight. Life has crazy ways of stretching and surprising me. And oh, yes, there are moments of frustration where tears fall and objects are thrown, but woven together with the joyful threads and grace of God, it creates this amazing fabric that is my life.

March, I think I’m in love.

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