…. and it keeps on snowing.

January is my least favorite month. It’s cold. It’s gray. There’s nowhere to go and when you do go somewhere, you have to put on a million layers and trudge through the snow. The last few years weren’t too bad, but this year has the longest, snowiest January I’ve ever seen. Two major snowfalls with several smaller snowfalls in between, two polar vortexs, four days of school canceled, and no end in sight. We entered January with snowfall and the same can be said for February. I don’t even know how many more days of school can be canceled or when we will ever see the grass again.

I’ve been itching to run outside and take beautiful pictures of the woods covered in snow, but that hasn’t happened due to below-freezing temperatures and terrible roads. Staying home seems to be a smarter choice, and although I could take pictures from my patio, the parking lot isn’t very exciting. This time of year is also the worst for us, financially. Most of our major bills arrive in January, and unexpected things always happen. Two flat tires earlier in January turned into four new tires for my car (ouch) and I’m getting a wisdom tooth pulled out in a few days.

Yet… I’m really happy with this winter. We actually have snow, which I prefer to last year’s mild and empty winter. And I feel calm, almost in hibernation. I’ve been able to read a few books, knit a few things, finish watching the entire season Dexter on Netflix (guilty pleasure), drink numerous cups of coffee and tea, clean through my things again, and spend many quiet moments with my little family. January also brought us our RV, which is a huge step towards our dream coming true.

Right now, we’re dog-sitting for the weekend. Having Clyde is forcing me to go out in the snow instead of stay inside all day. It’s refreshing. It’s a blessing. I actually wanted to be outside more than he did! Of course, it does help that it’s a nice, ‘warm’ twenty degrees outside. Tonight, we’re going to Chicago to celebrate a friend’s birthday. My husband and I haven’t been downtown much lately, nor have we really gone out recently, so I’m excited for a night out!

I am trying to appreciate this winter while we have it, but once the snow melts and flowers bloom, I’ll be running around in the woods again. Until then, it’s another book and another warm drink.

I hope you are nourishing your body and mind, dear friends!


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