The New ‘Tiny House’ Plan.

Whatever happened to the tiny house?

Back in 2011, I announced our intention to build a Tiny House. Remember that? We even started working on a design with a fantastic tiny house company. Then we had to stop. I wrote about my disappointment with putting off our tiny house dream. Later in May, we visited our potential land again to get a clearer picture of what we really wanted and what we could do.

We decided to buy an RV. Specifically, a fifth-wheel travel trailer.

We spent the last few months looking at RVs that fell within our price range (we have a low-ish budget, but nothing too cheap) with some specific features. It was kind of hard to find one in great shape with minimal work needed that fit our critera, but we found one a couple weeks ago, checked it out, and brought it home a few days ago!!


As one friend put it, we are officially homeowners! With a very mobile, flexible home!

Sure, it’s kind of small, a bit outdated, pretty basic, and needs a little work, but we love it!


Oh my gosh, guys. It’s real. It’s actually happening.

Kyle and I are bursting with excitement. We have it parked in the lot behind our apartment building, which is phenomenal because we can see it every day and just walk right on over to it as we work on the remodel. You can view more pictures on my Flickr account.

Why an RV and not a Tiny House?

Good question. We didn’t give up on our tiny house dream — we just re-evaluated our finances, goals, and values when it came to having a home. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that a tiny house just didn’t fit into our life vision anymore. Tiny House would be perfect if we could already be living in it. But we aren’t, because we couldn’t fully fund it. And in a few years, I’m hoping to be settled on a small homestead. There is no point in us investing money into a tiny house only to invest even more money into a larger house a few years down the road. Yet, we are tired of renting and wanted to own something while still living small. We didn’t want to buy a house just yet, though. Buying a fifth-wheel RV seemed like the best fit. I’m quite happy with our decision.

What happens next?

Oh, there’s plenty of work to do. We will insulate & remodel the RV over the next few months before moving out of our apartment and living in it full-time. We’ll be gypsies throughout the summer before settling at our land in Kentucky by next autumn. After staying there for a year or two, we will build or buy a [small] ‘regular’ home. Who knows from there. Life is adventure. We are thrilled and a little bit sad. Excited, and a little nervous. Bittersweet, I suppose. I promise many updates on our remodeling process and the transition to our Kentucky homestead!

6 thoughts on “The New ‘Tiny House’ Plan.

    1. That’s our next ‘obstacle’. We hired someone to tow it home for us, so that was fine. Now we’re looking for a 2500 HD truck (we wanted a truck anyway). Probably purchasing it in April or May.

  1. AHHH! That’s so exciting! I’m so proud and happy and just a little bit jealous!Noah and I are also interested in homesteading eventually. I’m particularly in love with yurts. Maybe someday….So glad that you’re getting to live the dream now!

    1. Aw, thank you so much for your enthusiasm! :)Yurts are so cool. Have you ever vacationed in one yet? I’d love to try that.

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