a frozen start to the year.

So. Um. I’d like to get better at sharing regular updates of my life.
No crazy detail about everything I ate this week or my day-to-day routine, but just… the kind of updates that give you a better idea of the things that are actually going on in my life. Celebrations, discoveries, quiet weekends, projects, thoughts, dreams, that sort of thing. I’m also trying to actively take photos with my beloved camera again. It’s been sitting in my closet with dust collecting on the lens for far too long. It’s mainly been neglected because I only have one lens — a 50mm. It makes for very limited photos and has been kind of fuzzy for years (age? neglect? who knows.) but it’s all I have. And until I can afford to add another lens to my collection, it will have to do.

That said, this past week has been unusually cold. Arctic tundra cold. The Chicago area (well, most of the country) got hit with two major snowstorms within days, only to be followed up with temperatures hovering around -50 degrees with the windchill. I was snowbound most of this past week and my winter break was extended a couple days due to school closings. I did, however, ring in the New Year playing Bingo with some friends,consume many cups of coffee & tea, wear yoga pants nearly the entire week (so comfortable, I understand now why some women like to wear them all the time), read a couple books, enjoy more down time with Kyle, take my cats out in the snow, and spend some quality time crafting and eating with my sister. I also picked up a few essentials to knit the drop-stich cowl I’ve been wanting to make for over a year! I did nothing incredibly spectacular but this week was packed with all the small things I needed to recharge during this cold season. I am grateful.

thick snow

Bogart seemed to like the snow.


Zuka did not…..


My sister is kind of obsessed with the new Frozen movie and made some coasters. She also worked on my blog’s new header (check it out — I love it)! You can see more of her work here: thisiskellymaryanski. (Psst: look for her in the upcoming Divergent film!)

craftingpaintingbootsguitarchicken bookyarn

Going back to work today wasn’t too bad. I was tired, but it was wonderful seeing all the kids again and getting back into a routine. I also had a much-needed dinner this evening with a dear friend that completely gets me. Conversations with her clear my mind and nourish my soul. I feel so blessed to have such cherished connections with people in my life.

Time for bed. I hope you’re staying warm and cozy. Cheers!


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