connections in twenty-fourteen.

I love this mug. Just looking at it makes me happy. I’m currently drinking some tea from this mug as I watch the falling snow. It’s been snowing nonstop for almost twenty-four hours. The cats are watching out the window, and I’m messing around with my DSLR. I haven’t touched that camera much in the past couple years and fully intend to use it a lot more now (although I think I need a new lens or two…. yikes). Thoughts are swirling through my mind, as is normal this time of year. So many exciting (and nerve-wrecking) changes ahead. Athough I’d like to, I’m not going to reflect on the [amazing] year I just had. I want to write what’s been on my mind as I consider connections.

I’ve been thinking about this blog. My social media sites. My corner on the web.

I go back and forth between longing to let go and desiring to hold on. I think it’s been a constant theme in my twenties — do I hold onto these cherished spaces and people and memories, or do I let hearts and connections weave new stories together on their own, always looking forward? Do I continue to publish things online or do I keep it to myself?

My increasing urge to stay away from the computer is making it difficult for me to keep up with things. Emails sit unanswered for months. Reviews and articles aren’t written. Things published by friends are overlooked. Then I feel burdened by all that is left ‘undone’ and I loathe the computer even more. I’ve even started to dislike the act of sending cards and letters. That’s not good. My soul needs to breathe. I have been nourishing my soul with more coffee dates and quiet, candlelit evenings, but there’s still that something holding me back.

With the upcoming move (more on that in a later post), I do need to stay connected to family and friends. Of course, letters and phone calls are good, but a lot is online these days. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can be overwhelming, especially when there are too many people to keep up with and so many platforms to do so. I cherish everyone so much, but there is only so much time on my hands. That said, to maintain my online connections without feeling overwhelmed, I’m transitioning away from certain social media (Facebook, mainly… I’ll be sticking around on Instagram) and making this blog my home. Updates and photos will be here. When I seek updates and photos from others, I’ll simply reach out to them (or/and hope they reach out to me too). E-mail is always good. Simple. Right?

I am not writing about simplifying anymore (I simplify constantly, but I don’t feel like writing about it). I am not doing monthly goals anymore. I am not sticking to any rules or timeframes. I will not be trying to accomplish an ‘x’ number of anything (whether it be photos or reviews or posts or books or such). No more unpublished drafts; I will write posts and publish them without trying to be perfect. No more scrolling through news feeds to see what I’ve missed. I am letting go. Of every boundary I have given myself. Of every obligation to complete certain tasks or keep up with everyone I know. Of…. whatever I need to let go of.

My current obsession is every day life, living, and happiness: happy moments in my life, happy moments in your life, and creating a life where we can breathe. This is a never-ending journey of change, just like me. Just like you.

I will continue to write here… when I feel like it. I will continue to take [more DSLR, less phone] photos and share them…. unless I’m too busy living in the moment. I will continue to be here for you…. especially if we can sit down face-to-face. I am not leaving…. but I am being.

Now it’s time for me to snuggle up and dig deep into 2014.

2 thoughts on “connections in twenty-fourteen.

  1. I hope that I’m one of the ones you reach out to in 2014! I miss your face, and I’m super excited to hear more about your big move.I’ve got a blog thing at the moment, you can reach out to me there or on email. I haven’t really shared this blog with anyone yet, but I often think you and I are like minded and on a similar path, so I’d love to hear any of you thoughts on the stuff I write. But mostly just keep in touch! I usually use Facebook to keep in touch with people, so I don’t want to drop off with you!~Amber

    1. Of course we will stay in touch, Amber! :)Do share the blog with me, I’d love to add it to my feed. I’ll send you an email. ❤

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