December Goals.

November went by fast (every month seems to go fast these days)! Now December is here and I’m keeping my schedule free for cozy nights with hot soup & good books. I’m also getting back into a regular yoga routine and it feels so good. This dark, cold month is perfect for resting up after the current year and recharging for the new year. I can’t believe 2014 is coming soon. There will be so many [good] changes in my life next year. I’m holding onto today while it’s still here, though. Everything is precious and each moment counts.

My goals for November were:

  • Write something each day. Success! I wrote a review or two each day.
  • Work on holiday cards and gifts.Success! Somewhat. I’m still working on the holiday cards and I’ve decided to scale back on the amount of gifts that I’ll be giving out/making.
  • Avoid social networks. Success! I didn’t really miss being online, either….

In December, I will:

Embrace the holiday season. I’m actually not quite sure what I mean by this, but I will take in as much Christmas as I can get!! I’ve already had holiday music playing nonstop and a few Christmas movies on Netflix in the background as I knit or write.

Rest. I just want to enjoy the darker, cozy nights as I prepare for the next year.

Are you doing anything in December that you’re excited about?

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