embracing the pizza and beer.

I used to eat frozen pizzas on weekends without blinking an eye. The same goes for burgers, hot dogs, fried foods, endless ice cream, and all the other things that aren’t really good for us. A few years ago, I started educating myself about food, stopped eating meat, and started adding more vegetables and fruits to my diet. Several times in the past couple years, I have switched back and forth between veganism, vegetarianism, and pesticarianism while filling up on smoothie and juices. ‘Bad’ foods were cut out of my diet and I was feeling awesome.
And… then the ‘bad’ foods started to make their way back in. Ice cream was in the freezer again. Frozen pizzas were consumed once, sometimes twice a week, and cheesy pastas were dinner every day. I would eat three cupcakes instead of none. I even ate a Twinkie once and downed a few cans of soda. And I started drinking coffee a year ago. I was going backwards and hating myself for it. I still drink green smoothies, eat salads nearly every day for lunch, and select healthy foods at the grocery store, but guilt is eating away at me as my body is starting to slowly suffer again.

Then, one recent Sunday evening, while I was munching on a slice of pizza and sipping from a bottle of beer, I realized that I was quite happy. I was relaxing at home, sharing a meal with my husband, and watching a show that we both agreed on (Duck Dynasty). There was nothing wrong with that. I had no reason to feel guilty.

Sometimes we just don’t have any vegetables in the kitchen or we don’t want to make separate meals. Sometimes we have little money and frozen pizza is all we can afford. Sometimes I’m just tired of eating ‘perfect’ and want that damn cupcake!

While I’m still an advocate of eating a primarily plants and whole foods, I’m starting to accept that falling off the wagon on occasion is OK. Sometimes it’s a beer and frozen pizza night and that’s OK.

I’d rather be happy and generally healthy than worry about what I’m eating every single moment. A cupcake now and then? A slice of pizza or four? Sure. It’s all about balance. And being happy.


4 thoughts on “embracing the pizza and beer.”

  1. Sweet girl, as skinny and as beautiful as you are, it’s all about moderation. Save the strict rules for when you’re old and the doctors say no more good stuff. Big hugs to you for the holiday seasons. Hope you are enjoying your technology fast in moderation too. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

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