September Goals.

2013-09-01 09.26.06
My goals for August were:

  • Find a job/steady source of income.  I found work as a signing aide in a preschool for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids. The same day I accepted that job, my old job finally called me back for the new school year. By then, I felt like it was too late and I had already mentally prepared myself for the new job. It was hard saying goodbye to the old job, but I am loving the new one!
  • Try cash budgeting. Semi-fail. This went well for the first three weeks. The last week, we just screwed it all up and spent more than we wanted. Our travel budget went over $200 and we hadn’t accounted for some extra expenses. We are doing this again in September.
  • Decorate. Fail. I haven’t felt the need to decorate. That might be a good thing.

In September, I will:

Take at least one photo a day. I’m initiating a daily ‘morning view’ photo series again.

Pray more. My spiritual discipline is lacking and the one area I struggle with the most is prayer. I want to focus on prayer this month. My church is also releasing a study on prayer this month, which is the perfect companion to this goal!

Be more serious about working out again. I’m not sure if this means joining a gym (again), but I’d like to work on being more active several times a week. I have a hard time motivating myself.

What are you doing this month?


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