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happiness is a visit to the farm and a walk in the woods.

Truth be told, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I was laid off (again — this state’s education budget is terrible) back in May, my summer job was short, and now I’m currently unemployed. At times, I like this freedom, but other times, I wonder just what the near future holds. With our planned move out of state next year, I feel like the next ten months will be a long waiting period. I’m impatient. I want that life to start now. But I’m here, and there’s not much I can do about it.
Along with that, too many empty afternoons and a limited budget tends to make me a little bit “blah.” Not depressed, just blah. When I have way too much time on my hands with no idea what’s next in life, I don’t quite know how to fill it. The things I love to do grow tiresome after awhile. My eyes grow weary from reading, my brain is fried from looking at a screen, the days are too hot or too cold (this has been a strange summer), on and on. Too many dumb excuses. The past three weeks (with the exception of my Colorado trip — that was amazing), have had a lot of blah-ness. We all go through a phase like that. This was my time for that blah phase.

I’ve been putting my trust in God and faithfully holding onto the promise that there is a plan for me, But yet, there have been many weak moments of doubt and fear. My cup has been drained this summer. I’m trying to fill it with Him again.

This week, I’ve perked up a bit. I’m jumping out of bed right away, cleaning, organizing, writing, being social, etc. But today? Today was just what I needed to pull me out of the funk.

After completing some quick errands around town, I decided to drive over and visit a favorite spot that I’ve neglected most of the summer: a small working farm nestled in the suburbs, a few miles away from my home. They have chickens — and chickens always make me happy!

It was the perfect August day. Sunny, but not too hot. And I took a lot of pictures.

20130808-142045.jpg 20130808-142059.jpg 20130808-142112.jpg

I adore old farm equipment.

20130808-142128.jpg 20130808-145714.jpg

This place makes me so happy. Seeing the windmill near the fence and fields is a joy.

20130808-142157.jpg 20130808-142150.jpg 20130808-142227.jpg

The cows were out, but the horses were hiding in a shed in the shade.


This little grasshopper caught my eye as I was admiring the calf beyond the fence.


And oh, have I mentioned how much I love red barns? I really do. They make me swoon.


As I was about to leave, I noticed a sign marking a trail leading towards an arboretum. I’ve been to this place half a dozen times but never stopped to check this part out. I walked down the path and reached this clearing. I don’t know what it was, but the lush greenery and the warm sunlight made me stop and gasp in awe.


I walked onward and discovered the arboretum.

20130808-142256.jpg 20130808-142243.jpg 20130808-142248.jpg

i loved finding the Ginkgo tree; for some reason, it’s one of my favorites. I was also amused that one of the trees was already changing colors and shedding some leaves even though it’s still mid-August. I guess I’m not the only one anxious for fall. I lingered in the arboretum, reading the names of trees, studying the branches, and trying to store them in my memory. They’re amazing.

As I walked through the woods back to my car, I thanked God for this beautiful calm in the middle of the suburbs. I thanked him for providing this place for me to go to. A place to hide away from the busy world. A place to be at peace and recharge. To appreciate Him. I prayed for strength and wisdom in the days to come. Prayers of love and healing floated up through the trees.

On my way home, my phone rang. I let it be, since I was driving.

When I looked later, there was a voicemail for a job offer.

God is so good.


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