August Goals.

You might have noticed I didn’t have any July goals. Maybe you were too busy to notice. That’s OK. I wasn’t paying much attention to things online this summer. Whoops?

June and July had shared goals. My goals for June were:

  • Simplify. Neither fail or succeed. I did a little de-cluttering each day, but have yet to do a major clean through my things.
  • Catch up with my to-do list. Fail. I crossed a few things off but still left some hanging.
  • Incorporate more meal-planning. Neither fail nor succeed. I did think ahead and plan/shop for the week, but it wasn’t down in writing so some days we ate what we could.
  • Live slowly. I feel like I have been living slowly, but the months flew by!

In July, I also wanted to:

  • Stay off Facebook & Twitter. Success! It was very nice. I’m deleting my Twitter soon.
  • Travel.Mini weekend trips and a week in Colorado = success! That state is wonderful.

In August, I will:

Find a job/steady source of income. Right now, I’m unemployed and free to explore other ways of making a living. I could be called back to the same school district I was already in, but maybe this is the time for me to stretch and start writing for pay. Or find something else.

Try cash budgeting. I was good with finances until I met my husband five years ago. He’s a spender, and that means that even my little change jar has never been full anymore since I’ve known him. I’m tired of struggling to save money so earlier this week, we set up a cash budget system for August. We’ll see how it goes.

Decorate. Our place is pretty bare bones and minimalist; I like it, but I feel like adding some personal touches. Nothing big — just some extra color and re-arranging. Maybe some crafts.

What are you doing this month?


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